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  1. Hello all. I'm an 18 year old form PA. Hopefully this isn't too weird if i hang out on a marijuana forum and don't smoke. i'm totally for legalization though.. Hoping to have some fun on here. :hello:
  2. ahahaha. are you legit?
  3. that is weird, very weird
  4. Whhhaaaatttt! If he isn't a troll I love this dude but he's probably a troll
  5. swear on the imaginary blunt i smoke. for real. i already act high, but i never smoked a day in my life.
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    Its fine that you don't smoke but I hate people who act high and never smoked a day in there life it pisses me off
  7. i don't act high. it's just my persona. i can be slow and say the most random things and go off on tangents in conversations. my friends' parents usually think i smoke weed. little do they know, their son or daughter does and not me.
  8. He isn't a troll. He's an IRL friend of mine. Doesn't smoke weed but doesn't have any problem with it. Like, he's always involved with my other weed friends and I but just doesn't smoke himself. He actually went on a pick up with me yesterday.

    No. I'm not trolling either. This is factual, ask the OP.
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    I was have been registered in the forum since July 2010 and I didn't smoke for the first time till May 2011 bro due to military service but I supported legalization even a year prior to joining the forum. Do your thing dude!
  10. true story. seeing my friend get OG Kush from our somewhat eccentric dealer was a fun experience.
  11. I tried explaining to you that not every dank is OG kush. :cool:
    In Pennsylvania, there is no such thing as OG kush. We have ditch weed, mids, and no-name dank. Any named dank is likely just a marketing scheme.
  12. fuck. dare i say it. legalize it mon'.

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