incident with the police

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  1. First off, i worked 9-4 this day and i dont like to smoke at work. So of course i wanted to smoke when i got home. My girlfriend comes over and she picks the weed apart while i roll a 1.5 gram sour apple cigarillo phillie and a 1.4 gram strawberry shwisher. Her and i hit the road with those two blunts. After each having a personal blunt we start to head home. We are on back country roads and we see a community support cop pass us, usually no big dea, he turns around and follows us back into town. As soon as we get into town i see red and blue lights behind us and im like damn because i have my brand new sherlock, a glass bat, and a double bubbler in my truck. The cop comes out of his car with his gun out yelling at us to put our hands up and to not move. He yanks me out searches me, finds my other 10 grams of weed and cuffs me. They find all my pieces, that were hidden, cuff my girl, and start to question us. By this time four more cops show up and one of them is my neighbor. My neighbor takes me home and my girl drives my truck home. When we get to my house the cop lectures me and my girlfriend for an hour and a half. The next few days im thinking "man im fucked, shit im fucked, fuck im fucked." Two days after the incident i decide to call my neighbor while he is on duty just to apollogize and to see if he can tell me what is going to happen. He says that he didnt even send it to the court and that nothing is going to happen!!! It was such a big relief but man did it suck for those two days. At the scene i didnt get a ticket or any kind of paper work so i dont know if the lecture was just to scare me or to trick me but whatever im a lucky son of a bitch and im glad that my neighbor was there.
  2. That's awesome man. I was totally expecting this turn into a bad story after as big of a dick that guy was.
  3. Man that's awesome. You're lucky your neighbor was lookin out for you. Did they take all your weed and pipes?
  4. Where abouts do you live? That seems fucked up.
  5. Why'd you get pulled over in the first place?
  6. you lucky son of a bitch!

  7. Yeah and why did he pull his firearm for what would seem to be a traffic stop?
  8. they took my pieces and they pulled my over because the community support cop called me in and said i was messing with something on my body and he said it was a gun, thats also why the cop had his gun out...they said i was speeding as well but i wasnt
  9. That's messed up. Maybe that's why they didn't report it. Probably would've turned out to have been an illegal search and seizure.
  10. That's not enough proof to pull you over.

    And they searcjed your trunk? Did they have a warrant?

    Also, were the pieces confiscated? If they were new and had no resin in them, then they are just tobacco smoking devices and can't be confiscated.
  11. i would've not allowed them to search you or the truck without reason or warrant.

    and him having the gun pulled immediately is completely unnecessary .

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