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  1. Just watched Inception yesterday and my mind was blown (yea i know im a little late). I loved the movie though. Simply put best movie i've ever seen i loved every part of it. What are some other mind blowing movies that you think i might like?
  2. Shutter island

  3. Seen it and liked it though im not much of a horror film fan. I'd rather enjoy a movie rather than get the shit scared out of me from some dude popping out of the camera at me
  4. i watched both in the same night and i gotta say i liked shutter island more.... blew my mind
  5. Shutter Island blew my mind harder than Inception. Like the concept of Inception was crazy but I didn't think it was that difficult to understand. Shutter Island on the other hand had the awesome twist at the end.
  6. nothing pops out in shutter island though :confused:
  7. Shutter Island was predictable. It wasn't a terrible film, I liked it, but it wasn't as crazy as everyone painted it.
  8. I guess I just didn't see the twist coming. When I watch a movie I try not to think ahead so that I can be surprised, like with Fight Club, had no idea until the end.
  9. I'm the exact opposite. When I watch movies, I can't help but think ahead and analyze everything I'm seeing. It sucks sometimes when you just want to watch a movie for entertainment value, but you're stuck with critiquing it without noticing. I blame all of it on the film study courses I've taken...

    Regardless of that though, it was still a good movie. It looked great, the story was good (even if you did or did not figure it out), and the acting/directing was great as well. I'd watch it again.
  10. I love critiquing films after I've seen them, I need to see if my school has any film studies that would be interesting
  11. You probably do and it should count as an English credit. So it's a double bonus. If you love films you'll love the study of them. In gets pretty in depth with the history and the techniques used in films. Everything from why a specific camera angle could be chosen and what it represents to the symbolism of a perfectly placed lamp. It's pretty great. You learn a lot of movies that you may have never considered before.
  12. that movie is supper tripy to watch!
  13. Im currently looking forward to college next fall. Possibly majoring in film studies and getting my BA. Anyone know careers i could advance to with a BA in film studies?
  14. Inception is the one of the best and favorite movie which makes a records in the History of Hollywood. Leonardo Dicaprio did a awesome job and The director of the movie created it with brilliantly. SO it was a great achievement of the cast of movie.
    I rate it 09/10
  15. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you want to pursue, just know the field is extremely limited and competitive. Some careers:
    Film Critic/Analyzer
    Film Archives/Film preservationist
    Teacher (probably requires a masters)
    And some actual film work like working with editors, cinematographers, etc...

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