Inception and The Fibonacci Sequence

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  1. That was a ruse, but just read on, you may be enlightened.

    What is life? Some say a lesson. I say to learn what exactly? And who are the teachers?

    Another ruse, but continue ...

    Does anyone think the mind or thoughts could interact with space-time/matter? If so how?
  2. sometimes if I close my eyes and click my heels 3 times while saying "theres no place like home"... I end up looking stupid as fuck.

    But 4 real sometimes its like my thoughts pour into the world around me, like if I'm thinkin about something someone will bring the topic up without being "brought" into it in any way and it kind of blows my mind.
  3. That is freaky but, I was thinking more like bending reality with your mind or manifesting thoughts, something like that.

  4. I've thought about it, I'm trying to make it happen.
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    You and me both brotha. :D

    But seriously could a change in consciousness make something like this happen? I've heard there's a book about this but the believers are crucified as delusional, could they be?
  6. They could be., here in america you'd prob get burned by the "normal" people.
  7. Architecture? /end ruse :p

    If such things were possible, then there would be mechanisms through which it is done. We would discover what those mechanisms are, then they would become less impressive and amazing to us... it would just be normal.

    Or you could just allow yourself to be mesmerized by architecture right now and realize that every building and human creation you see today originated from thought. :eek:
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    But don't give in to astonishment... becuase thoughts came from nothing.

    Nothing - > thought - > physical labor - > creation .

    We're tryna make it work like this:

    Nothing - > thought - > energy - > creation .

    It doesn't seem too irrational.

    And sure all things get old with time, but it would be fucking awesome regardless....
  9. I don't think that thoughts came from nothing. They may be appear to be at the moment but there is always something to consider. At the very least a combination of very small factors.

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