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  1. Why does everybody think incencts are so sketchy? Like if you have incents you smoke weed. They smell good and it is easier than candles since you can burn a new flavor whenevr!
    I dunno incents to me should not be a sign that you smoke MJ, just that you enjoy smells

  2. its like sayin not cuttin your hair says u smoke pot.
  3. If we all had nothing to hide, we'd never use envelopes, we'd use postcards. Oh well.

    I'm rarely in that situation though, as between 3 cats, slobby housemates and various food-like substances rotting on plates piled in the sink... the house would stink if we didn't burn incense now and then :D

    Tell them your house would stink otherwise :)
  4. I only know 2 people who burn insense, me and a friend, and we both, I dunno about the tihng where people think people who burn insense are stoners, I've never heard anythin like that anyway.....
  5. Its funny to read this, in all my years of smoking every person i know that lights incents smokes
  6. I burn incense pretty much all the time, even when I'm dry.

    I wouldn't even burn incense when I smoked if I knew it wouldn't incriminate me, because I prefer the smell of bud over any incense.
  7. ^Same here^
  8. Incest is just wrong, man.

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