Incentives for voter registration in California?

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  1. I'm not sure the number of tokers who are actually going to vote go out and vote for prop 19, but in order to encourage as many as possible do you think discounts at local head shops or even here at grasscity are possible. I live in NJ and received a voter card upon completion of registration, and am guessing it's the same way in Cali. So showing proof of registration, along with your id, is easier for local head shops to give such discounts, but is there some way for online sites like GC to implement this kind of incentive and help push Prop 19 to pass? Or would this anger customers from other states who would not received this promotion?

    My thinking was something like 25% off for showing proof of registration. I know this wouldn't prove they actually did go out and vote(don't know how that's possible) but i figure the process of registration is the biggest obstacle, and once registered almost all will inevitably vote.
  2. One may need to actually find a(or the) law in the books, but I'm pretty sure that is tantamount to a bribe or selling a vote.

    By giving them a discount, you are giving them money which they would immediately spend on a product.
  3. Legal marijuana is the incentive
  4. It's up to you Californians now to get registered and get out on election day to vote prop 19 in! The prospect of never having to worry about prosecution should be enough incentive.

  5. It is. I know people who have never voted in their lives that are coming out for this one. This is huge.
  6. Thing big! If people who buy an oz once a month for $400/oz grew their own for $60/oz and they did this from the time they were 21 until they were 61, it would save them $163,200 during that period. If you could net 3% interest on that each year after taxes and inflation, it turns into $307,637. If people don't have a place to grow and instead bought from a store at say $150 to $200/oz, that's still a couple grand per year they could bank or spend on other things.

  7. I'm not a grower, but $60/oz sounds like alot of money to put into a plant.
    Since one is putting in time for personal grow, one doesn't usually put one's per hour pay into a plant.

    I don't know what the average plant will produce, but some googling has said anywhere between 2-4 and 4-8 oz per plant.

    Let's take the low end of 2-4. Under your $60 assumption, that's $120-$240 a plant.
    Mind you, there may be some upfront costs of grow light rig(if you want to grow indoors), but those are sunk costs.
    Costs that would be recurring would be(for indoor): electricity, water, fertilizer, bulbs

    I can't fathom why that would be an extra $240 per plant, hell, $60 per plant seems too much.
  8. $1000 for a decent tent setup w/600W lighting. Assume equipment good for 5 years.
    600W/1000 x 15 hrs/day x 365 days x 5 years x 0.23 $/kw-hr = $3777 elec for 5 years
    $300 for replacement bulbs, nutes, soil mix, etc.
    1 lb buds per year
    Comes up to about $63/oz (my electicity is expensive here!)

    Regardless of whether it is $20/oz or $60/oz isn't the point. I'm talking about saving what could be hundreds or thousands of dollars over a lifetime versus giving it to the cartels, growers and dealers.

  9. I'm Pro 19, I'm just wondering about the post-Pro 19 world.

    They say marijuana is heavily inflated currently do to its illegal status, but do I believe the growers/dispensaries will be willing to let go of all that profit in a more legal world? No.

    So it is a matter of getting that information out there. If it only costs $X to grow your own, why pay $X+300.

    Ok let's assume everything you said right there is correct.
    That's $1000 for a 5-year lasting equipment.
    $3777 for electricity.
    $300 for misc.
    Total: 5077 per 5 years, or $1015 a year.

    1 lb/year = 16 oz/year.
    I still don't know how many oz a plant produces, but some conservative figures are 2-4, so let's say 2.5 oz per plant.

    16 oz/year = 6.4 plants / year.
    Some google searching says it takes about ~3months from seed to bud.
    So let's assume there's 4 harvest points a year(12 months).

    So the cost of $1015/year turns into $254/harvest.
    That 6.4 plants/year is now 1.6 plants/harvest.

    We now have:
    $254 to grow 1.6 plants from seed to bud.
    $254 to grow 4 oz (in 3 months).

    Ok, that's still $63/oz(63.5, but we've been rounding).

    Some google searching seems to put a 600W bulb for growing 6-9 plants, not 2.

    If we can still assume 2.5 oz/plant at a 3 month cycle.
    Let's also assume we can harvest and plant right again.
    That's 10oz/year per plant spot.

    Let's say we can support 8 plants a cycle, but that half the time they turn out to be male, and so we get rid of them and dont plant again until the next cycle(to make the math easier, in real person may replant as soon as there's space and may have better results than we do)

    So we can at most constantly grow 4 female plants under our setup.
    At 10 oz/year per plant spot, that's 40oz a year.
    That's $25/oz.

    $25/oz still makes it $63 a plant. That to me still seems like too much money for a plant.

    I'm sorry if I hijacked this thread, but the costs of making marijuana (wholesale) interest me greatly.
  10. If you're doing everything right you can get 1gr per watt. You are useing 600 watt lb then you should be getting about 600gr each harvest and if that is 4 time a year then you can get 2,4 kilograms(1 pound=453.59237 grams)that is just over 5 pounds. lets say that you are not getting 1 gram pr watt and only get 3 pounds over the year and that is 48 oz. 48 oz costs now on the street 19200$ that is if an oz costs 400$. There can you see that it is much cheeper to make it yourself. 48oz is mayby more then you can smoke in a year then you can have freinds with you doing this and split the cost.

  11. the only problem i see with this is that if/once its legalized there will be buisnesses that go into full blown grow mode, this will decrease the price of weed(hopefully). but i have heard between 40-60 an oz if it were to get legalized. but then its still susceptible to tax after this

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