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  1. Who burns incense and if u do what kind? My favorite is Ginko Baloba but right now i'm burnin some cheap shit since thats all i've got. I smoke upstairs at my grandma's(can't at my house and she built the upstairs for me & my bro and she never goes up there) so i have to burn incense. Even if I didn't smoke i'd probably do it anyhow.
  2. i was never the sort of person who burnt if i ever tried it i would always make my parents fucking i just resorted to smoking on the side of my house at night and stuff...
  3. blind people dont light things and walk away !lol thats why my joints are smoked to the last toke!
  4. I love incense, but they cause havoc on my septum piercing if it's burning in a non-ventilated room *shrug*

    I only buy primo headshop incense, I have a small collection of all my favorite woka sticks forming (hand-dipped, two and a half feet long, half inch in diameter) which I never burn, heh. Hell, you really don't even need to, they're all natural and contain no charcoal... just leaving one in a room is enough.

    My local headshop has a nice selection, but I have to have mango, guava jelly, anything berry, sandlwood, jasmine (heavy, true jasmine...), eucalyptus, jojoba, and of course NAG CHAMPA!

    I also like essential oil burners a lot, but they're more of a light ambiance center-piece... 'cause they don't do much for covering up anything.
  5. That incense from india. Nahta Mahti? I dont know im out right now and through away the box. But they sell it at 'places where finer incense is sold' =)

  6. I feel dumb it was Nag Champa. I love that stuff

    ick =)

  7. Nag Champa is the best isn't it? Make ya feel irie all day long...
  8. I'm a huge fan of Nag Champa and sandalwood. There's also this great herbal shop up here that sells great incense. I like their sapphire and emerald.

  9. well i guess ill just jump on the band wagon
    Nag Champa

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