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  1. Whats a good website that carries many differant incense and burners? I just wanted to check out differant ones if you can help me :) thanks
  2. you can just check out some shops (they dont even have to be head shops)... like at malls they usually have those buddhist-hippy-yoga type stores that sell a shit load of incense.. diff varieties too. also dudes if you have that store Spencers nearby, they have a lot of incense... like cheech and chong and all these sweet ones... also incense burners and stash boxes. peace
  3. yah and if you go to spencers dont by the weed smelling ones thay dont smell like weed and thay make your house smell like ass peace
  4. haha, yeah the weed insence smells like ass...dont buy it..

    right now, the insence i have is Bob Marley: Kaya..

    its smells SOOOOO good...theres like 20 sticks for $2.29

    i guess its a good deal.....

    spencers is the shit...closest one though is about 10-20miles
  5. incense is great, helps ya relax
  6. I was at Epcot in Orlando around Christmas time, and I got this Japanese stuff called Morningstar. I got the Patchouli, and the Jasmine. There's like fifty sticks in each box, but they are only about four or five inches long. Each box comes with a little ceramic square burner, and the boxes are about three dollars each. The smell is strong, but not overpowering. If you are using it in a small area, like a dorm room or bedroom with a closed door, you probably don't need to burn a whole stick. Usually once stick lasts me about a day and a half or so, depending on how much herb I am smoking at the time ; )
  7. i buy mine at the tea shop and the "herbal mask" ones are acutually pretty good smelling, just picked up some nugg-licious. but the coolest ones are the liguid blue, they have the sweetest pictures on them. the last one i got was elfen refuge. most incense are made by the same company. liquid blue is the name
  8. i get mine from the local music shop

    i usually get sex on the beach
    smells good..and goes great with the smell of burning herb.
  9. a lot of record stores sell burners and nag champa, that stuff kicks ass
  10. yah and if you ahve a big mall or shoping center thay will sell them even walmarts sells them if you have one around
  11. my friend always lights up incense before we toke. i never really notice the smell.

  12. yup incense r the shit
  13. Any local Flee Markets or craft shows have the best incense at the cheapest prices around.. Browse around them and you'll probably find some nice stuff.
  14. yah i went to the craft store to day to get some hot glue becuse my fraind was making abong and need to seal it and i was looking at the incens thay one thats supose to smell like pussy and ladeys dont mean to afend any one sorry if i did and it realy stunk if you ever see them dont smell them and sorry for bad spelling bye
  15. Go to, they have good incense at grat prices. However, they dont sell burners. IncenseMania sells Nag Champa, which is one of my favorite scents (it mixes with the smell of herb very well).

    The web site sells the Morningstar brand of incense. They have a good, strong scent to them but you can't use a normal ash-catcher burner with them, and the small ceramic burner they come with does not keep the ashes contained.

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