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  1. yo fellas watup?

    i nedda findout if it is possible toi grow under coulered incandecent globes i have red yellow and blue all 150 watts.
    cheers yall.
  2. In one word - NO!

    Either use flourescents, High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide.
  3. cheers WormHole
    thanks for ur reply man.
    well ive already got my seedlings under 2x40w cool whites but i dunno if it worth gettin more fluros or just gettin a bigger light. how many 40w fluros do u think id need for 4 small plants? how much do bigger lights cost to run (HID's metal halides etc)?


  4. For 4 plants you will need a lot more than what you've got right now. The trouble with flouros is that the light doesn't penetrate far enough. You have to keep them right on top of the plants. And as the plants grow less light is getting down low. Your best bet would be to get you some HID lighting. Either MH or HPS. You could use the flouros you have now to veg (maybe get 1 or 2 more dual 4 footers) and use the HID for flowering. HPS is preferred for flowering. MH is best for veg but either one can be used from start to finish.

    Actually HID is more affordable to run then the same amount of watts of flouros.

    For some affordable HID lighting check out the Inside Sun link in my signature.


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