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  1. What comes first in a relationship for you.... Having sex with your girlfriend/boyfriend for the first time or having a smoke sesh with your girlfriend/boyfriend for the first time??
    Also when throughout your relationships do you find it appropriate to experience these activities with your significant other???

    just wondering
  2. Havin a smoke came first for me and my OH. In fact we smoked together before we started going out. And on our first date, he brought me half a blunt!

    The sex came a while after but one now invariably leads to the other and I find both equally amazing and equally important.

    I truly don't think I could have a really deep relationship with someone who didn't smoke.
  3. Ass before grass.

    I don't want smoke with a female then find out the sex isn't going to happen. What a waste of weed.
  4. Dude sex before sesh.

    Yeah that was fuckin' stupid I know.
  5. dude, definitly sesh before sex
    thats how i get to know my bitchss

    not to mention, im justa nice guy,
    i used to smoke everyone i hung out with for the fuck of it,
    i just enjoy getting people high,i guess.

    im sucha sweetheart:rolleyes:

  6. That is why my fiance loves me. hehe ;)

    I agree.

    I have found that certain strains act as aphrodiziacs, and other's well, turn me/her into useless furniture, for anything but, well, posting in forums like these.
  7. Oh man... I smoked with my guy before we had sex for the first time. We've been together for almost three years and we just started smoking together and having sex. He's been smoking for about four years, but I just started. I remember my very first time. :) Anyway, ya... we smoked before we had sex.
  8. Except for one every guy I was with smoked with me. My first boyfriend and I smoked a lot before we did it. I'm one of the few females I know that really enjoyed her first time.

  9. Thats pretty cool. Im almost in this exact situation. Except ive been smoking for a little over 2 years. Im almost on the verge of taking her V-Card and i think it would rad if i could smoke her up before... It would be rad to smoke her up anytime.... Cant wait till either of these two things to happen.

  10. Well I would definitely say smoke with her first, even if it's just minutes before. XD Smoke first... because, people tend to be incredibly honest when they're high. :) You'll see her true colors when you get high with her. So, if you don't like her... then boom! :D

  11. The guy was all sweet and slow about it too. We talked a lot about it first and he spent a long time before the moment to...take care of me. But yeah we were six layers of high when we did it.

  12. Any tips on how to initiate this Act that sounds like heaven with my girl. Summer is heating up and so is our relationship so if i can make the most out of the time i have left with her is pretty important to me.

  13. Well, you need to be smooth with it. Don't rush it or force it in the least, or she might get trippy and it'll ruin the whole thing. Do everything for her, right in front of her so she can watch. I'd say use a pipe, just because it's what I like :p But uh. Anyway, take out the pipe, pack it in front of her, and show her what to do (if she's never smoked before). Take it all very slow, no sudden movements. Do NOT pressure her, let her take all the time she needs. Don't laugh at her if she's acting stupid, just be chill. About ten minutes in, you'll be able to tell what kind of high she is having and you can judge from there. :)
  14. You people are fuc*ing awesome.

  15. Tell her straight up you want to but you want to fool around a lot first. Get high and make out a lot. Then move into fingering and hand jobs for about a week so she gets use to your cock. Then move into oral sex for a bit. This helps you figure out how to make her cum and again, she gets really use to your dick.
    When it's time find the perfect place and light some candles or something, get high as you can with out passing out and proceed with vigor.
    Next summer: anal.
  16. Ughh i wish my girlfriend smoked... Gah lol

  17. Im wayy ahead of you bro... Except for the last couple parts.. We have done everything but sex, and smoke... Just curious howw to get her to smoke. But good stuff anyways
  18. man i need to get fuckin laid. ive been holding the door open for this chick way too long losin intrest. I see LITERALLY 3 girls almost...lately daily now that i could get with and its really starting to wear me down. One is a dancer and a perfect 10...i shit you not. SHe's not there intellectually or personality wise for me tho...its a conundrum fo sho. (Ye, i just used the word CONUNDRUM MUTHAFUCKAAAA)

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