in YOUR opinion who the most talented guitarist?

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  1. 1.alexi laiho
    [ame=]Children Of Bodom-Kissing the Shadows Solo Live - YouTube[/ame]
    2. jeff beck
    3.paul gillbert
    [ame=]Racer X- Technical Difficulties - YouTube[/ame]

    Post your opinions!
  2. Check out guitarists from South America and Africa you'll be blown away.
  3. Check out the lead guitarist Petit Poisson from the Band Zaiko Langa Langa aka Congolese version of the Beatles. Enjoy!

    [ame=]Zaiko Langa-Langa in Baby (Bimi Ombalé) - YouTube[/ame]

  4. Thats pretty awesome they were really groovin'
  5. Hell yes and a interesting about Congolese Rhumba is that it went through an different of transitions to get their "main sound; the "sebene" which is the dance part of the song was influenced by U.S. Western Rock & Roll they adapted the instrumental part (guitars) added percussions, drums creating one of the greatest enthusiastic music sounds that you'll ever hear.

    Here's some soukous featuring one of the greatest guitarists (this guy is really really talented!)

    [ame=]Alain kounkou - Folle Ambiance.wmv - YouTube[/ame]
  6. well it takes talent to know talent and I'm just a listener so to me its more about how it sounds rather than skill with that being said I'll pick Eddie Hazel with Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

    [ame=]Funkadelic - Maggot Brain - YouTube[/ame]
  7. If we're talking pure talent, as opposed to who my favorite is, I'd have to go with Sonny Landreth. He's a blues player from New Orleans that Eric Clapton wishes he could play like. That's not a dig at Clapton, either. That's what he's said when asked about Sonny. He uses a technique I've never seen before where he uses a slide to create a full chord harmonic.

    [ame=]Sonny Landreth_Next To Kindred Spirit - YouTube[/ame]

  8. Wow that sounds really cool if I ever heard of him I would have picked him but I don't listen to that much music just that guitars are my favorite kind of music
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    Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

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    I love the blues thanks for sharing guys I love listening to all this stuff, great stuff :smoke:
  11. Fred Durst
  12. buckethead.

    which is funny cuz you listed paul gilbert, who was his guitar teacher.

    also Sonny Sharrock, Eddie Hazel, George Benson.....
  13. [ame=]Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas (Live) - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Buckethead is another great answer. I prefer his moody emotional playing over fast-as-light wankery, though he's capable of doing that too.
  15. No jason becker?
  16. Jimmy Page, The guy from the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton.
  17. Jeff Beck was probably mostly appealing to my tastes and I would say he's probably most talented in terms of careful note selection. The other two are probably more technically proficient.
  18. [ame=]Europa Santana - YouTube[/ame]
  19. I'd have to say I've always thought very highly of Kirk Hammett. The guys a technical wizard of the guitar.
    Since I'm on the topic of technically soung guitarists, I might as well add Mr. Satriani to the list. He's great, especially on his Road Test tour with Chickenfoot.
    I gotta add Richie Sambora to my list too. I hear/feel such emotion from his playing and that's rare.. i think it is at least.
    This list is getting long... I'll just start listing individual guitarists
    Dimebag, John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Alex Lifeson, David Gilmour. I'll stop before I sound like a prick.
    But it's hard to say WHOS THE MOST TALENTED GUITARIST.
    I mean all these guys are somethin' special

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