In Your Opinion Who Is..

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  1. Best rapper Alive?
    Best of all time?

    IMO eminem is the best alive, listen to his new refill tracks a few are pretty dope.
    Em is also my fav of all time but its def a tie between him n pac i cant choose who
  2. I'm not into rap, I'd just like to be the first to say that this is definitely going to devolve into a discussion about how awesome lil' wayne is.
  3. 2pac for best rapper of all time and em best rapper alive.
  4. uhh alright :confused_2:
  5. Best rapper alive?

    Probably Rakim. he's untouchable
  6. aesop rock.

    [ame=]YouTube - Aesop Rock - Boombox[/ame]
  7. i gotta say Nas.
  8. of all time? well i'd use to say it's a three way tie between Nas, Biggie, and 2Pac. but after hearing some of Rakim, it's definitely a four way tie.

    All time:
    Nas, Biggie, Rakim, 2Pac (four-way tie)

    Nas, Rakim (two-way tie)

    Em was golden eight years ago, and if he didn't put out the Eminem Show, Encore, or Relapse i'd say he'd be in that tie for alive. I liked the Eminem Show a lot, but you can get a 'sold-out' type of vibe from it. (Em even admits to selling out on the Eminem Show. I believe it was either in the May or June addition of The Source. he was on the front cover) Encore was fuckin horrible and hurt his credibility. Relapse was alright, I liked it. But again, it's got that sell-out vibe (auto-tune, more of a poppy sound).

    I'd still consider him golden, his lyrical abilities haven't changed. I can't judge him for his subject matter until R2 drops, because R1 is "slim shady" and R2 is supposed to be Em in a more serious tone. Again, his sound has changed to poppy instead of raw like it was on The Marshall Mathers LP and the albums before it.
  9. lil wayne fo sho sho

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