In which direction is she spinning?

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  1. In what direction is she spinning? clockwise? counter clockwise? 
    This is a pretty cool optical illusion, and was presented to me as an indicator of what side of your brain you use. If you see her move clockwise, you're a right brain thinker, counterclockwise is left. Personally I think thats bs but still its interesting. I see both directions, she can appear to change mid-rotation. 

  2. She changes direction
  3. shes moving counterclockwise.. i don't see the illusion
  4. She's only going clockwise to me. How could someone see that as counter-clockwise?

    Are you guys fucking with me?
  5. I mean, her right leg is the leg shes leading with, propped on her left, turning to the right. From an overhead angle that would always be clockwise? Why cant i see it differently.

    Guess I'm a right brain. Lol idfk.
    Watch it long enough and she does...
  7. Saw this on brain games. I always see clockwise unless I see a colored version of her next to her going counter, then she starts spinning the other way.
  8. follow her leg thats sticking out, its going counter clockwise, i don't see her spinning any other way... i think i'm broken
    Nah...I've watched the leg, the foot, the arms, the head, the body...she still switches direction...and when it switches direction, I can't see the other way at all...
  10. Keep staring, it changes.
  11. Clockwise. Stared for a while and can not see otherwise.

    Love optical illusions. Our brains are fantastic creatures
  12. Stare longer. Look away a few times.
    Yeah...mine's full of rocks, and I still manage to just drool on myself a little bit...:laughing:
  14. Will have to try later with a fresh mind. I'm too focused on trying to see her spin the opposite way now
  15. I guess my brain is pretty well synched, then.
  16. yea!! if i looked away a couple times i saw her moving clockwise, had to
    look away again to see her moving counterclockwise again tho.. this is strange
    Yeah...have to distract yourself from that...
    Pretty cool eh...I would swear the actual gif changes direction...
  18. DAMMIT im only see boring fucking clockwise here da fuk
  19. You guys are all mad. Mad I tell you! That chick is spinning clockwise only.
  20. Don't listen to them. They're just trying to get you stressed and then they're going to start talking about Scientology.

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