In what way does the past exist?

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  1. I've always wondered this. People always get caught up in people's past, but what exactly are they getting so caught up over? Does the past actually exist? Is it just something we make ourselves believe exists? Is it an actual physical point in time?

    I've never really known. Please leave your thoughts on the subject.
  2. The past exists in the present's consequences of its past.
  3. Maybe all time always exists.

    The past present and future could all be happening at once and we are just experiencing it one moment at a time

  4. Well thats a fuckin ripoff.

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  6. I was reading a book awhile ago that suggested that electrons might be moving forward in time, and might be capable of changing into positrons (anti-electrons) which move backward in time, and vice versa. When you think about it, almost everything could run on an extremely small amount of matter if it worked like that. I'll have to read that chapter again, I think I was tired when I read it the first time.
  7. If we were 4th-dimensional beings, we would be able to see the "past"
  8. In the present. Look at the sand, look at the mountains, the continents, your DNA, fossils, the atmosphere, culture, laws etc.

    The past dictates everything in the now, if I burn my house then tomorrow the past has influenced the state of the house for that present.
  9. The big bassetts B theory :bongin:

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