In what format does our brain store information?

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  1. Think about how complex the human mind is. Think of every language, number, rule, name, letter, date, time, and thoughts we all store somehow in our brain. Computers are able to store things in ones and zeros, but we can't. And then we can access this information at will? I think it's amazing.
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  3. I like Karl Pribrams hypothesis that it is stored holographically, but there hasn't been a lot of follow up on it so it's still just a hypothesis.
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  4. Consciousness has a fun way of appearing, and working to your favour. It's not only the shit that you remember, which can be as rudimentary as language...there's also what you actually retain when you listen, are attentive and engaged in whatever it is that you are doing. And then! When a moment later calls for its remembering, or its advancing, you FURTHER that brain pattern, in good light or bad. There's a myriad of aspects of yourself you encourage. Your brains the mecca of consciousness in physical form imo lol
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  5. I was taught that the brain is the sum of all its neural networks. By this logic, memories must also be some sort of neural network. These long term memory networks are formed within our brain while we are sleeping. Our brain 'recaps' our memories from the day and then stores them. This is a big part of the reason why insomnia will really mess with your memory.

    I think we really have a long way to go til we get even get close to fully understanding the brain (if that is even possible). I think what makes neuroscience unique is that all the other sciences depend on it. In order to fully understand reality, must we not also fully understand the organ which is creating our perception of it?
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  6. a memory is caused by a group of neurons acting in a specific pattern to give you pictures and sounds
    it's you telling yourself the same story over and over again
  7. I think they are compressed .zip files
  8. An extremely optimized database of sorts. Highly searchable.

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