In what day should i start feeding?

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  1. Hello everyone.
    Some people say that i should start from day 1 and some say after the 1st week, so i wanna learn from your experience guys.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. aftrt the first set of leaves its ok to use 25% nutes or up to 0.5 ec with 0 background.. if ur using ph'ed tap water than maybe add some root stimulator for the first week after you see the first set then move to a little base nutes and after 2 or 3 weeks move up to 0.7+ ec.. sll well and done but this pretty general.. aome strains like low dosage some likes a lot.. anyway id suggest use as less nutes as u can at the begining and increase very slowly as the plant matures and always look for those tiny nute burns - once they appear u go back to last weeks dosage and u should be fine..

    hope u find this helpful

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  3. That's what im looking for, thanks
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