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In trouble for starting cannabis olympiad

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Crawfordthedank, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. My friends and I got an Idea to have a contest called Cannabis olympiads. We got flyers and put them up all over school and we got people to enter through an email and a paypal transaction for the small entry fee. Winner takes home a purse of 1 ounce of high grade cannabis.
    After putting these flyers around the school a few days later I got an email from the university breaking some conduct policy. Is this bullshit though? This was going to be an off campus event, they are threatening us with "sanctions" if we continue to hold the event. 

  2. What school was this? I always wanted to something like that. Holla at me.
  3. What state are you in? Because if you're not in Colorado or Washington I can smell a raid from a mile away
  4. doesn't matter if it's off campus, most schools can still bust you for stuff that happens off campus. It is bullshit, but it's legal bullshit. 
  5. you never should have made it traceable back to you. Did you make a new email and paypal just for this event? and I hope the flyer didnt have the location for the event on it. that should have been sent out after you got the partocpents and given pretty short term so less likely chance of a raid or crashers.
    All the contestants have to be 21 or have a medical marijuana card. its not illegal.
  7. Oh you're in Colorado/WA. In that case I don't know, this is a new frontier and as such I'm sure there aren't any official regulations concerning whether or not the school can do anything about it. Honestly I would say talk to a lawyer. 
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    Why didn't you just spread the word around yourself? I personally woulda just told on my friends tell them to bring there friends.. But if it's legal there fuck I think it would be cool to have a bunch of people you don't know show up weed is great for being socialSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Apparently campus police can go pretty far off campus and enforce campus policy.I've seen it happen at my school. 
  10. I don't about your school, but at the college I went to, you couldn't go around posting flyers about beer pong contests and shit. I couldn't even imagine posting flyers about weed olympiads. I can see why a college would get upset about this, regardless of legality.
  11. You should be fine, but I would expect police to be knocking on your door the day of the event. Could still check age and what not. What are your events for this?
    Well one of the contests is who can dab the most oil in 10 minutes. then there are speed rounds of who dab the most in 2, and 5 minutes. Then there is the Jimmy John's Bowl Masters Challenge. The contestants must call Jimmy Johns make an order for gargantuan on the group order and once the order is placed the bowl smoking begins, and ends when the Jimmy Johns deliverer reaches the house and delivers the sandwhiches but the race it not yet over. The time stops when the sandwich is completely eaten. We are using a method to factor amount off weed to time ratio taken the contestants times. 
  13. Also I have to go to an 8 hours drug class :smoking:
  14. that's pretty cool what else are you planning to do?

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