In This Hypothetical Dialogue Is This a Legitimate Answer?

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    Joey: Why do you like cats so much?

    Susan: I just really like them.

    Did Susan REALLY answer Joey's question? Why or Why not?


    It has been said that the answer to philosophy's ultimate question "Why" is "Because."

    Is it enough for "Susan" to give such an answer based on her life experiences and personal preferences or is further explanation required to legitimately answer this hypothetical question?
  2. Yes that is a legitimate answer because there is no correct answer. A "best" answer to that question can not be proved logically using facts. It is all based subjectively, according to the users experience.
  3. Well any thing she says is an acceptable answer, he asked and she answered, it may not be a detailed or "good" answer but it is one none the less

  4. hmm not really, she should give a reason like I like how they're so free or I like how they're so laid back, or my own personal reason I like how they look like mystical super beings. But I guess sometimes you don't know why you like something so in that particular case it would be acceptable to say you just like them, but most of the time there is usually one or more reasons as to why you like something that you are usually aware of.

    When Joey asked this question he was seeking for a reason as to why she liked cats so much, she did not provide one and just reiterated her love for cats.
  5. She answered the question based on how she feels not what she thinks. What she feels is just as valid an answer as what she thinks, perhaps more so.
  6. But the implications of Joey's question was that he was asking for more than feeling, the reason behind the feeling, no?

    He was already aware of her feelings towards cats, he wanted to know the reason why she had these feelings.
  7. All Susan was concerned with WAS her feeling. The reason behind the feeling isn't always necessary - it just is how she feels. Just because Joey wishes to know more doesn't mean he's going to. He also has to learn to accept that the answer he receives may not be the answer he was expecting.
  8. Yeah I guess I can agree with that, good point.

  9. Yes, and the question was quite pedestrian/straightforward. There is no correct answer so her answer does suffice.

    If she was asked, "Are fruits and vegetables good for you?" and replied, "No," then that would be an insufficient response because A) we know otherwise and B) she didn't explain her reasoning.
  10. I would give you an answer, but I'm out of weed.
  11. That was your answer! :smoke:
  12. Lol , this sorta reminds me of the talk with the Merovingian from the Matrix.

  13. Well that depends. Are the vegetables not sprayed in pesticides/chemicals? Are they rotten or fresh? How good are they until they turn bad for you? So many variables to the question.

  14. Touche. I was speaking in generalities though, and a generally good vegetable grown in a garden and is fresh is good for you.

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