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  1. Some backround info

    My Parents are divorced, it didnt really depress me it just made me stressed most of the time, i started smoking a year and a half ago, i got caught a year ago and quit because my dad told me if i get caught with weed again he will never talk to me again. the reason why i cared so much is because i really like him and his family while i dislike my mom and her side of the family because of them being biased towards me.

    What recently happened

    I started smoking again and i almost got mugged. i was supposed to buy an 8th of some dank for 60, but when i got there he didnt have his scale like he said he would (i wanted the scale there cuz he has ripped me off in the past) so i said no and i said what he had looked like a 10sack. i start walking home, him and his friend jumped me and stole my phone, i said i wanted it back but they kept yelling that they wanted the 60 for it, i said no and he were yelling back and forth in a residential neighborhood. some guy came out, saved my ass, got my phone back and i didnt lose a penny. i was however bruised from getting punched in the face while trying to escape. the guy who saved me took me home and i thanked him a lot, i think i might go over to his house and give him a gift for saving my ass, but anyways, i came home and my mom saw, i told her i almost got mugged, she called the cops. the cops came and i told them i was going to play basketball when my friends other friend who was there tried selling me weed, i said no and they jumped me and tried mugging me. she made a report and told my school officer (im 19 in highschool). the kids who jumped me showed the officers the text messages i exchanged saying i wanted to buy and 8th.

    i stayed home from school today to think about my situation, idk what to tell my mom and dad when the cop tells them i was there to buy weed, because then they would know i was lying. i honestly dont know to do i feel ashamed of myself for trying to help myself with my struggle. my struggle is that my brother hits me when he gets mad at me and at times i get somehow injured (bruise, swelling, etc) so pretty much i smoke weed to help me get through the depression and stress i am going through. my grades are decent c's and b's couple a's. idk what to do. i feel like crap and feel like i dont deserve to live. my family will shun me like they did when i was first caught except this time my dad will not have any contact with me anymore. i dont have many friends and what friends i do have, they use me or arent REAL friends, or they backstab me. i feel so depressed right now i dont even want to live anymore. moving out is not an option either, i have never smoked at home or anything to disrespect my moms house in any way. they are just anti weed and feel as tho its addictive and will kill you, they wont listen to the truth either even when i present research that proves otherwise.

    So GC what would you do in my situation, i honestly feel like i dont deserve to live, and i think my family would feel the same way about me
  2. First man, take a step back from life. It might be fucking shity to hear but life ain't always gonna be pretty pictures and scenic sunsets. Shits gets bad, and shit goes south, sometimes its all to much to process and comprehend but that's life sometimes.

    The important thing to understand here is you're a young man, with your whole life ahead of you. That might sound like a giant silver plater of grade A. BS but it's the truth. Sometimes life gets you down, but without knowing what the down times are like, how do you know when the good times come rolling in?

    Maybe try talking to your Dad about it. Seems that you may like him more then your mother. You're 19, so if you tell your pops you want to sit down and have a serious talk about something, most will listen. maybe try to explain to him how you feel and that you really are not happy with whats going on in your life, that you want to change it, but are looking for help in doing so.

    It's not your choice if you deserve to live, that choice has already been made for you.
  3. Never get cops involved when there is drugs involved concerning you, golden rule
  4. How should i go about telling him that? My mom gets home by 4:30 and my dad is at work til 5:30. The cop most likely called my mom again to confirm that she knew the reason why i was there was to buy weed. She will then text my father, she probably already did because school is soon to be over and the cop called her i bet. So he probably knows what i did now and he now most likely will cut me off from the $50 allowance a week and will be pissed cuz i lied. How should i explain to him about how weed helps me in my situation and how i wont be obsest with it (i use it responsibly 1-2 times a week) and why i lied. Because idk what to tell him when he calls me today at around 5:30ish. Or should i give all my weed related stuff to my mom to show im done with weed so that mayby he will Believe me?
  5. And i didnt call the cops my mom did
  6. Seems to me that your best move here is to be straightforward with them, especially if you suspect they already know the deal. Speaking from experience, parents usually appreciate when their kids take responsibility for their own actions (I rarely did when I lived with my parents and let's just say our relationship got tense) rather than lie about it.

    I am not saying you won't get on their bad side, but taking responsibility for your actions will at least save some of their respect for you.

    Good luck with this situation. Like I said, I've been down this road before and lied about it and it very nearly got me put out on the streets when my parents figured it out.
  7. I just tried telling my mom how marijuana helps with my anxiety and depression. She kept bring up memory loss and it being illegal and how pills are "better" than illegal drugs because they r illegal for a reason. My dad hasnt called me yet but idk what to tell him, he is more brainwashed on marijuana propaganda than anybody else. I tried telling my mom how i started. Why i use i, how i am responsible using it, but she said she didnt want me to use that to cope with depression and anxiety. I need a quick response on what and how to tell my dad.
  8. You shouldn't have lied in the first place... Lying to a cop is wrong in itself, and if you don't have any weed in your possession or any paraphernalia (if you're over 18 though that shouldn't be a problem...) you won't get shit. Yeah your parents may rail you, but did you really think that the lie wouldn't be found out soon enough?
  9. Yea, i wouldn't have told the cops or anything...
    And if your brother is beating up on you you gotta smash his head like a fuckin cantelope. I'm the youngest in the family, and my bro has tried to treat me like a bitch on more than one occasion.
    Somedays, i ignore him, but if i'm mad i'll go bezerk and break my hand trying to break someones face...

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