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  1. so theres this girl that i liked about a year ago, and her and i are currently just good friends. my other friend who's a guy, told me recently that he had feelings for a girl, which happens to be the one i used to liked. once he told me, i kinda hooked them up together. and ever since they got to know eachother, they keep telling me seperately how much they like eachother and shit. before they met, i had a good relationship with her, and we could talk for hours opon hours. but now all she ever talks about is the guy i hooked her up with and if we ever talk about anything else, it just bores her out. she tells me so many things about him and tells me not to tell anyone, and the same the happens with the guy. it just really pisses me off because all they ever talk about is eachother and they expect me to me impressed or something. i have so much information that they told me, and idk what to do. should i just be a good friend, listen to them, "hide" my true emotions and let them 69 eachother? or should i be open and honest and tell them how i really feel? or am i just jealous? or should i just completely ignore it? if anyone has anything to say i would appreciate it. thanks.
  2. IMO i think ur just jealous. You used to chill with them and talk all the time and now ur kind the third wheel. It sucks but u should just let them be and get another friend on the side or just let them fall apart. It always happens eventually
  3. Talk about your girlfriend to them when they talk about each other; bore them with your relationship bs
  4. [quote name='"Beef Supreme"']Talk about your girlfriend to them when they talk about each other; bore them with your relationship bs[/quote]

    No i meant breaking up always happens eventually. They won't last forever
  5. Start fucking one of her close friends and then tell her all about it, but seriously I'd just let it be for awhile, they'll eventually realize their not being good friends and change
  6. im pretty sure im not jealous at all. i just want to keep a steady relationship with them, and be able to talk about other stuff. im not usually one to hide things, but i think ill just do that, just sit back and let them be. its best that way i suppose.

  7. Just tell them that you dont' want to hear about that kind of personal shit.

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