In the middle of the park

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  1. Okay, so I was with some friends. Some are kinada stupid and they somehow got us stoners to smoke in a park with everyone watching. Smoked 6 bowls in a pipe and in a bong( Icount bong bowls as half). Wellany way I swear to god the girl next to me was hitting on me because she couldint stop staring at me. Then I started laughing uncontralably because every one else was acting so high. Then I laughed even harder because i realized I was stoned out of my mind. One of my friends asked me if I wanted to go on the tire swing and me having my child like innocense bubbling ou of my soul i said yes. I jumped on an d my friend pushed me. I could I thought Iwas time traveling and going into the fourth deminsion. Thats when he was swinging me around and then he let go of the swing and I flew over the bar. I Smacked down on my ribs super hard and fell and hit the ground. I couldint feal any pain at the moment so I just laughed and laughed. Every one else was laughing to. We all fell to the floor because we couldint stop laughing. The I couldint breathe and I laughe so long(20 minutes or so)That I puked and started balling. Also my body was probably reacting to me destroying my ribs and stomache. I didnt feal pain until the morning. It wasint to serious, onlt time was going to heal the wound.
  2. cool stor...ahh fuck it.
  3. a girl was starring at you so you thought she was hitting on you? when they hit on you they say things like, wanna have sex? your hot, cute, etc.

  4. Maybe not that straight forward ;)

  5. ive had more than one girl just look at me and say "wanna have sex" at parties. to which i respond "absolutely".

  6. i wish i was you bro LOL ;)

  7. jesus christ, this grammar is gonna make my head explode.

    i thought he was trying to spell canada at first lmfao. but i hope your ribs heal dawg. get well soon lol. :hello:
  8. I love smoking at the park! lol but i don't waste myself like that when im high :p
  9. how is it that you can ALWAYS tell these people are like 13 years old?
  10. this is why marijauna gets such a bad name. cuz kids like you go to a park where there was most likely kids around and smoke a bong in the middle of a park with kids around and then proceed to make a complete ass of yourself? this is why it continues to be looked down upon
  11. this thread deserves only one smiley.


  12. Including me, I started lol'ing when I read this. My bad
  13. Life is to short just to sit there and listen to music or ead a book. Experiance everything
  14. [ame=]YouTube - wtf boom[/ame]
    Seriously bro.
  15. chihll brou gremmar isnot thet impartint.
  16. Sounds like fun man. I havent been that high at a park before so I dont know what magical things you can do there. And I am sure there are plenty!

  17. :cool:Fooooorsureeeeeeeee

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