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  1. I'm in the market for a vaporizer.

    After visiting the Dam and sitting with the owner of AnyDays chatting and using their Verdampers I was sold, however I'd love to get more information from fellow blades.

    Why I want a vaporizer is mainly to conserve weed. I smoke on average 2.5 grams a day recreationally. I normally smoke joints (Mixed with tobacco)

    Are their certain vaporizers that give more back for the buck in terms of how much 'active vapor' your getting from your bud.

    I understand with the Verdampers your bud is still being heated when your not pulling on the glass pipe. Does this mean that their is vapor evaporating and left sitting in the chamber when not in use thus effectively wasted?

    Does the volcano address this issue as it is fulling the balloons and no vapor can then escape?

    I am not looking for anything portable.

    Thanks a million guys :)

    Oh what appealed to me was the sheer build quality of the Verdampers, but I want to get a grasp of whats in the market and the pro's and con's of each device.
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    generic answers to your question: silver surfer, da buddah, cloud, log vapes, volcano, lsv, probably forgetting some

    never used these afore mentioned vapes, but have heard good things about them.

    go research several desktop vapes over at and find which one is suited for you
  3. Well yes you will save a lot of bud by vaporizing.

    Volcano is a great vape if your willing to cough up that much money for it. However, there are cheaper alternatives that can definitely give the Volcano a run for its money.

    A great vape to start on is the Vaporgenie but its a bit of a hassle because a lighter is necessary. So i went with the MFLB another great vape to start on and really understanding vaporizing. Those are two very cheap great beginner vapes that are both portable.

    If you want a desktop vape (plug in) There are 2 types. Whip or Balloon. The Arizer Extreme Q does both! Arizer also makes a portable vape which some would call the best portable called the solo.

    Some Desktops i would check out are the Silver Surfer Vape and Da Buddha by 7th floor. If you use bongs a lot check out the light saber vape also made by 7th floor.

    There are two ways vapes work Convection and Conduction. Pax ( a new good portable) uses conduction.. meaning that as long as its on vapor is being released. So if you are looking for a conduction vape just know you have to be relatively quick to finish your bowl/trench/oven. Convection vapes are great because you can have it on and not worry about burning your bud.

    For the most info about vapes you should really check out
  4. Yep, vapes are great. I started out with the magic flight launch box and liked it enough, and graduated to the volcano after trying out my buddy's Pax. Alot of people give the volcano grief for being expensive, only being a bag vape, and being plastic, but I vape socially all the time, and i like it alot compared to the other vaporizers I've tried.

    Read reviews, watch YouTube videos, and browse forums. Some people like bags, whips, or hooking their vape up to their bong, and you should find out your priorities and go for it. You'll find it hard to regret a well educated vape purchase :)
  5. id also check out vapecritic dot com
  6. ^^ Yeah, but keep in mind that it's only one guys opinion. The plus is, is that he's actually used all these vapes but while his favorite vape is the 'Cano, I know others who have the 'Cano, and for them, it is not their favorite. But, it's a good read.

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