in the market for a new bong

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  1. Looking for the best bong for 100-150 could go up to 200 if need be. Any suggestions?
  2. I didn't see the video, but im really liking that bottom one as well and the black leaf too but a carb on a bong doesn't seem to appeal to me. Thanks man+ rep if i can from my phone
  3. Thanks dude, and you're welcome. The video should be under the product above product comments if you scroll down on the last link. In the pictures it's hard to tell, but on the glasscity bong, the bowl is deep and has a "built in" screen. Basically the bottom of the bowl is an X so you never need screens again! And the downstem for the bong has a perc I think, it seems mad good for under $150 and its 7mm so that's pretty thick I believe. If you find anything like it or chill let me know. I'm debating if I want the Black Leaf or the GlassCity one myself haha.

  4. Oh I forgot the black leaf does have a carb. This one comes with something to I guess cover the carb or on the site there's a model without the farm I believe for $7 more if you liked the black leaf. The gogopipes site has a lot of other cheap bongs, but I don't know how much I trust the quality. I owned a bong from them and it seemed nice, worth the $30, but I thought the colors would have been less transparent and the piece would have less minor imperfections. It still functioned well!
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    drop an extra 20-30 for shipping and this one is yours

    vertigo 50mm stemline imo you get cant get anything better for that price.

    check out vertigo stemline 200$

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