in the market for a bubbler

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  1. hey gc. going to be in the market soonish for a new piece.

    wanting to pick up a bubbler. looking for a clear bub, doesn't matter if it's single, double or triple chamber. i've got my eye on one at my headshop that's a tall sherlock that's mostly clear with a bit of color changing - really diggin the design on it. got a snorkel carb and a nice large bowl. also interested in spending a bit more money and picking up a solid piece. nothing too crazy, i want it to be something that would get used on a fairly regular basis.

    found this double inline bub on etsy. i think this may be a little but much for what i'm looking for, but maybe something on a bit smaller scale. open to whatever!

    never bought glass online - always bought local.

    any ideas gc? thoughts on that etsy piece/artist? :smoke:
  2. Good luck cleaning that monstrosity lol.

  3. haha no joke! that's why i want something a bit simpler.... maybe something like this or this.
  4. I don't know how much you're looking to spend but I would check out DWB glass on etsy; he does amazing heady scientific work.

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