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  1. Hey all,

    Been playing guitar for a couple years and wanna try bass out. The thing with guitar is I can play just fine solo but when it comes to a band environment it just doesn't feel right. Oh and when I'm plinking around everything I make sounds like a bass line so I figured why not give it a go.

    Just looking for any good bass and bass amp deals that aren't those shitty starter sets at a decent price. Something good enough for a band but not too expensive. Not really sure what my price range is though :confused_2:
  2. go to your local music shop and get a bass you are comfortable with.
    they should be willing to hook you up with a good deal on a bass and amp.

    or you could check out

    oh and about playing in a band, all i can say is keep practicing and you'll eventually get there
  3. my recommendations:

    Bass: Ibanez SR 500...get a used one if you can...craigslist or ebay...this bass is unbelievable for the price they sell it at...very tonal and great electronics

    Amp: Either a small Hartke or Fender Rumble...don't spend more than $150-200 on your first amp
  4. if youre in a band ask around someone should know someone with a deal.
  5. Fender Jazz Bass all day, mayne.

    With a vintage sunburst finish.

    Or just get the Squire equivalent, a J-Bass is just an all around great instrument.

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