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In the heat of the night!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jul 18, 2002.


What should I do with this free time tonight?

  1. Cut the grass and work in the yard?

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  2. Do the laundry and have the house clean for the wife?

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  3. Go out to the beerjoint, talk shit all night, and then race home to beat my wife there?

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  4. Enjoy some of that one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater smoke and talk to my friends at G

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  1. I was just informed from the head of the household that I'll be left at home alone tonight until 11:00 pm. What should I do with all that free time?

  2. HAHAHAHAH@"privelages" hahahahaha....dont go to the beerjoint, get drunk, then try to fly home...thats for sure..keep it safe:D...stay here and blaze!!

  3. what he said^^^^
  4. I think I shall follow your advice because I was informed that the two little informants will be with me tonight.
  5. Good decision BPP
  6. I cut some grass, smoked some grass, rolled some grass, tried to talk to grasscity but the supervisor put a parentsl block on the home computer and I couldn't figure out how to get around it. I asked my 7 yr old to do it, but he promised Momma he wouldn't show me.

    No laundry, but I did run the dish washer and cook for the yung 'uns. And I cleaned all the hummingbird feeders and made up a gallon of hummer food two cups at a time with each in a different color.

    OH but the best part was getting stoned with the cats. The catnip is coming into bloom and the cats get as stoned as I do now. I highly recommend planting catnip, its an excellent pasttimewhile enjoying a bong session.

    P.S. catnip will not make humans get high!~trust me.....
  7. One more thing:


    Sorry for the caps, but that was intentional to show my true feelings.

    But seriously now, "Starship Troopers" in my opinion, is only second to the original "All Quiet on the Western Front" in the category of anti-war movies. Something about the mindless death and carnage and incompetance of military commanders. Whether you are a bug or a trooper, war and death is just as futile for both sides.

    Thank you Critter for expanding my mind on that subject. Just because you are a pacifist and against war/death, doesn't mean you are weak. Thanks for teaching me this lesson Critter.
  8. i had a nightmare about weed, this guy offered me three lbs for 200 dollars and i only had 150 and he wouldnt even take my watch and its worth 75 was sad, cuz i could see it and smell it and everything..
  9. ^^horrible..

    ive been havin nightmares about my teeth falling out all 1 at a time..scary

    good choice BBP! be safe
  10. A bit of a side note, but smoking a joint while cutting grass kicks ass. Though when I did it I ended up not cutting the grass to well, so I had to do it again, but hey another chance to get high.

  11. mwahahahahaha

    i nearly chocked to death, ^__^.
  12. I had a nightmare about weed. I dreamed that the joint was smoking me.

  13. i never would have thought that someone could actually pull something political out of that movie. well done.

    and yeah, those bugs are pretty freakin scary
  14. your wife is the head of the household?WWWHHIIIIIIPPPPPPP damn man you need to take control dude
  15. a wise man once told me (friends father) once you give up control, you can just be a guy.

    anyway, i find that mowing the lawn after a joint (or a few bowls) is a lot of fun. especially if you have a primus cd and walkman that your friend left in your car..... fun stuff

  16. rotflmao :smoking:

    l,ll leave this for BPP to handle upon his return ,:D
  17. I finally voted. Of course I voted for doin' the housework and such. Wishful thinking on my part!!

    As far as that head of household thing...........all women are!! Some of us just let the men think they are in charge. My ol' man said it like Bill Cosby - he's seen my job. He does not want it!!
  18. I wouldn't mind bein' a bit whipped...meaning you can shut off your brain and let the wife do all the thinkin' while you smoke a j. As long as you know when to put the foot down...I don't mind a strong woman

    Edit: Whoops...sorry, critter...didn't see your reply...
  19. who the fuck voted to mow the lawn

  20. :smoking: I'm the Captain of my ship................................

    And if you don't believe me just ask the Admiral (PoohGator) , she'll tell ya!!! ROTFLMAO!!

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