In the ghetto with ice & blue cheeze

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    Hey blades, welcome to the Ghetto. With many thanks to "Stinkiefingers", (we were blowing bongs on chat one night and came up with the title) I have decided to take the time and energy to post this yrs grow.

    Got 3 homies livin in the Ghetto....ICE 1, ICE 2, and BLUE CHEESE . (with extra thanks to another gro bro for the Nirvana Ice beans). The blue cheese is a Barney's Farm femmed cross of blue berry and Big Buddah Cheese. Ya'll can check the specs at the Tude if your interested.

    This will be my 3rd grow in the city (other 2 were last yr in my sig) I call it the Gheto because of how cheap and rigged I have had to do everything just to call myself a grower. the area itself is about 4 1/2' x 4 1/2' over all with 2 walls being just that walls and the other 2 being blue tarps hung from the ceiling to make my "room" I am running a used basic HTG 400W bat winged light with a 430W enhanced spectrum bulb from start to finish. The 3 girls are in individual DWC bubble buckets ( can't afford to put in a single rez and recirq system for this run)
    These are spread out evenly under a scrog screen that measures 36"x36"

    Had a good friend of mine front me a few bucks in Mar for the Tude's bday bash sale and was able to really score big on beans. for a piece when it is said and done.

    Beans were germed in mid March and placed in their perm homes about the 1st of Apr. Seedlings and very early growth is boring to me (sorry to those who post from the tap root showing forward). At first growth was slow, I think it was due to the cold temps and not being able to control them as well as I would have liked. It started warming slightly here and thru trial and error was able to control the temp much better and they took off. I flipped the lights to 12/12 just this past Friday so now is when the fun begins and it is easier to hold interest.

    The pix with this intro post are older just to put a visual in every ones mind for the Ghetto. Please excuse the quality of the px I only have an old pos Kodak easy share with like 4mp. I am trying to borrow a much better one but may take some time. Take a look at these foe now and i will take new pix later today and update every Mon unless something needs to be documented between.

    The first 3 pix are as follows Blue Cheese, Ice#1 , Ice#2

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  2. Looks good bro. You'll have that screen filled in no time.
  3. nice ass ghetto grow bra! Im interested in doin a scog grow also, how many plants would u reccomend in a 4'x4' tent for that type of grow?
  4. thanks for the credit + rep for you. it's looking really good.
    I bet it's going to turn out better then you think. you will be changing the name to welcome to my ghetto jungle.
  5. Thanks bro. The only consideration I use is how big can the screen be and still allow access to EVERY inch of it. Mine I can get to 2 sides but being only 3 foot I can get to all sides fairly easy even with my bad back.

    You could do 3 real easy or even 4 but leaving room on on side of the tent for access the screen would end up smaller than mine to allow for that access. Also the strain you grew would make a dif too. If you got the right strains and enuff light you could put a bunch in a 4x4 tent, each wouldn't be very big but quantity would make up for size.

    If you are new to scrog and growing i would keep it down to 2-3 till you get comfy with the way it works:wave:
  6. Welcome aboard bro..........What took you so long? Damn thing had been up for an hr before you checked in:D. Will always give credit where credit is due.
  7. Here we go fresh pix for a fresh thread. The others were taken over time and the newest of them was taken 5-6-11, lets see how much dif there is from then till now.

    As it will always be the order of the individual plants will be Ice#1, Ice#2 then Blue Cheese. From the angle I am using in the screen shots. In the front of the screen are Ice#1 on the Right, Ice#2 on the left and the BC is in the back. As before sorry for the pic quality with this pos.........

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  8. In my first pix starting this thread the individual plant pix are much older than 5-6-11, The rest of the shots showing over all were taken on the 6th when I flipped the light (for comparison purposes only)to the new screen shots
  9. Last yrs was a good grow, too bad I had ruined the genetics. I was a C-3-4 and every gen had probs up to last yr. Bad water, heat issues etc but I kept it going because it was all I had. I still ended up over half a G per watt. Just didn't get any better than high mids.

    These are great genetics that I haven't had a chance to fuck up before. Granted I am a little on the one side of the issue but I have never had prettier looking plants. I am so hyped
  10. Normal morning routine completed...Water, nutes, ph, and tucking. Everything above the screen is nice and even at about 2". I am at about 60-65% on coverage. Ice#1 is still the dictator of height. She is coming in nicely but still by far the bushiest of the 3, very strong heavy stems, hell the fan leaf stems are huge!!!!!!.

    For being at 12/12 for 4 days now the stretch should just be getting underway here in a day or 2 but I have already spread things out for about an extra 15% coverage just to keep things even with #1.

    I am shooting for a height of near 12" at finish as long as #1 cooperates I see it as more than doable with about a 75% full screen

    Using just over a gal of water a day between the 3 with #1 taking up the least and BC just guzzling the stuff.

    Running the Lucas formula as always and got the PPMS running between 1000 and 1100.
    Life in the ghetto is GOOD
  11. Nice looking plants. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to seeing the end product.
  12. I am psyched on this one.. Last yrs i had genetics that I had messed up myself over time. Still got a nice crop but this is going to be over the top, i can feel it.
    Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride with me

    Oh yeah and I got a camera donated to me that hopefully will improve the quality of the pix starting on Mon
  13. Oh Boy here we go. they are really starting spread out now. i don't see a problem with you filling the space. I should have done a thread on Bertha. Anyways your plant's look great.
    the setup seems to be working.

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    Guess it aint quite there yet to get much more than lookie loos.
    Mondays pix will blow everyone away with a 1 week change...
  15. those plants are looking nice, come harvest time and you are some lucky guy haha
    unlucky about last years mess up though, at least these look good this time round
  16. Welcome aboard!!!! Glad to have you stop by.
    Last yr was just the culmination of the damage done by 3 past tries where I had probs but kept cutting clones. If you look at my 2010 grows (bottom of sig) they looked and smelled great but the damage had been done and the quality was at about half of what it should be, but still smokeable and gets you nice and baked, just now what it really could have or should have been:smoke::smoke::smoke:

    Now I got no excuses for this yr:D:cool::eek:
  17. Looks real good man...good luck
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    Every time I go out there (3-4 times a day) gotta move something to allow a new growing tip to get light. Ice#2 is catching up well to the Blue cheese in size as well as bud sites. Ice#1 still the boss as to how much tucking I am doing for a nice even canopy. Gotta let em go for a few days and see what happens with the height, still want about a 12" tall canopy.
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    Just looked and it is this whole thread!!!!!!!!!
  20. Helllllooo Blake, lookin good man... Subbed. Do you wait for the node to grow above the scrog and weave back under? Or do you bend it before growing through and keep it under the screen?

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