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in the future, when it's legalized...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. weed tasters and reviewers will be as a respectable occupation souch as wine tasters and writers are today. and we can go into the head / coffee shop and actually buy the good stuff instead of taking what we can get a hold of.

    but that won't happen until the chinese walk on the moon, and the latest news i've heard on manned moon missions is that india is having a go also. but i'm digressing.
  2. man that would be awesome. like being in Amsterdam marijuana growing in front yard and in flower pots on the sidewalk. You could get hydro or any of all the different kinds of weed that makes you laugh a lot or see shit or just whatever kind of high your looking for.

    Now that is good dream, that i wished would come true. I guess i could move to Amsterdam and it would be true. I would if i could.

    But for now Smoke One and just smoke to your hearts contempt.

  3. is there hallucinogenic ( i think thats how ya spell it) weed?
  4. Yeah, I bet alot of new hyrids would come out. Not to mention Beer, Liquids, Space Cakes and etc. Hmm I wonder how there going to driver side test for THC.

  5. THC itself has hallucinogenic capabilities the better the herb,the higher the THC level ,the more percentage of a chance you have of having a hallucinogenic experience.

    wow did i write that....hahahahaha

    Stay High!

  6. I'm pretty sure that growing in the Netherlands is illegal. There are always busts and stuff. And don't count on living in Amsterdam just for the weed, that might end soon.
  7. haha that funny! i would totally wanna be a weed tester!

  8. ..::drools::..
  9. i just want weed legal, but being a weed tester would be like to quote cs_shoota *drool*

  10. IN aamsterdam its legal to grow up to 4 (i think) plants.

    and why in the world would that end soon?

  11. political pessure from bush is a start, not to menchin that not all of the the political parties over there support mary jane in the brain (whoo im high)
  12. people who taste wine professionally usually spit the wine out so they can taste more.

    but i think weed is different because its not just the taste but the overall experience that matters. i saw a website some time ago that had man different strains and reviews. it had a nice purple layout, and it reviewed all sorts of weed and hash. does anyone know what i'm talking about?
  13. you gotta link??^

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