in the bird

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by kerf, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. hehe....i dunno. it seemed like a pretty funny phrase at the time (stoned). inspired from looking at the side of a box of Stove Top Savory Herb stuffing mix...hehe...savory herb. ive gotta make that with weed one day :D

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  2. hehe You should put that on a shirt! Then all yer friends (or even ppl that aren't yer friends) will be confused and then ask you what it means and then you could get all agitated at them and then they would get mad at you for not telling them what it ment and then you could get mad at them for bothering you in the first place and then everyone could decide that they didn't want you as a friend in the first place and then you would be like fine I don't like you anyway and then they would go away and you would ba alone with your anger and explode because a gasket in your brain blew and bits and pieces would fly everywhere and the janitor would be angry then and he would blow up and then the union would go on strike and the economy would collapse and the world implode out of sheer shame...

    come to think that's not such a good idea after all, but it's still a cool pic! ;p Keep it up Kerf

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