In the approach of ramadan

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  1. Hi
    I believe in true supreme power in my eyes it's a rich person who can control things easily when other seem to strugle.
    I have read my book who is quran and my life is still poor.
    The concept of hell and heaven have no meaning for me. I read some bible and torah still unclear for me but it show same stories and there people how they got erased for there sins.
  2. You know all the religions you mention are part of Abrahamism.
    Maybe try read the Bhagavad Gita now.
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  3. I know also did a omra last month
    Here is a picture
    Great now I know where I will pass my time on IMG_20230317_235205.jpg
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  4. Its not possible to understand the Bible without reading it in the original languages......................
    esword software translates the Bible to original languages and definition of each word.
    Hebrew Aramaic Chaldean and Greek are all precise languages compare to English.
    If you want to understand that works

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