In society today, do white people have a greater opportunity of living more established lives?

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  1. Such as in, secure jobs, stable lives, nicer homes, happier prospects, and more opportunities for just about anything. What do you guys think?
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    in a general perspective yes. but if you branch out and look at white people in more broader context, you find deeper complications such as whites living in the south vs those living in the north. they have a totally different lifestyle, thinking, and perspective of the world. then there is the complexity of different subgroups who identity with being white. (Irish, German, Italian, Hispanics, Jewish, and etc) those subgroups then have their own cultures and customs that clearly distinguishes themselves from other "white" groups. 
  3. being a white male will give you unlimited possibilities in this world

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  4. Give anyone a 200 year headstart and see how YOU fair in the RACE.

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  5. I think in America discrimination has been minimized but white people have the most wealth and opportunities. It's less about race and more just poor people being stuck in poverty. The system is designed to keep people in there classes.
  6. As humans, let's face it we can be our own worst critics. Yet we all are human. A thought process intervenes at some point in time. At that time only we should guage our relationships, judge less and honor more. In my humble opinion.

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  7. I am not a Hippie!

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  8. Race doesn't matter as much these days.

    It's all about money.

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  9. Without validation, I could say Grumpy had a headache and Doc was thirsty. I'm still missing weed. Get me?

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  10. Your happiness is dependent upon your intelligence. The same idiot will get a rise out of collecting change at intersections with "Homeless" signs for that free beer on a Thursday afternoon every time he does it. If I tried to act homeless so I could buy a gram for free every Thursday, I'd probably find myself in a situation where I'd be unhappy. You create your own world and if you think that white people have something better than you, it's because that's how you choose to see it. Or some pseudo shit.
  11. It's just trends. White people have been the dominate race on this chunk of land called North America for hundreds of years now.

    And obviously the black community is catching up extremely fast. Go back 40 or 50 years back and look for black lawyers, doctors, politicians etc. didn't happen.

    So yes white people have more opportunity currently but if the anti discrimination laws towards the black community continue to grow we'll likely see a buck in the trend with black people having more opportunities for success.

    But sadly it will likely not end there and the cycle will continue with blacks on top this time until the next group of a race get together and decide there being discriminated against.

    Until there's a massive switch in the way people look at and comprehend race/nationality we'll just cycle through as is.

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  12. I think black people forget that you have to earn things you want in life. That white lawyer wasnt choosen to be a lawyer because he was white its because he went to school for 25 years of his/her life. If you think changing the color of your skin is going to give you an automatic 180 spin on your life you are mentally handicapped. I only had 5-6 black kids at my school and their families were all more well off than mine. why? Because their parents went and did something for themselves instead of whining and complaining that they are not white which 80% of black people do.

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