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  1. Does anybody know or seen any vintage “us bongs” around???
    Here’s a copy of their poster. The company went out of business in the 70s. Apparently raided by the feds. A5AC389A-0AA7-42FF-A33D-EB28201B470A.jpeg 5573797B-7D2F-47DC-8CB7-A1E0AC3501F0.jpeg
  2. just looks like a silicone, or whatever those plastic clear bongs are made of with a ghetto "tree perk" id just buy any plastic one and modify it, just for the experience. Ive also made something kind of similar, but it was a pill bottle in another pill bottle as a ashcatcher/difuser. Then stuck into a big ass twisty theme park cup that looks like a zong, had a glass bowl though. Anyway youd probobly enjoy glass more.
  3. Those bongs look ahead of their time I’d buy one.
  4. Sick bongs, hit me up when you find them. I will buy one too.

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