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In search of the drama-bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by notimefornames, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Hello, grasscity.
    I am a man possessed by a goal; a quest, if you will, that has begun to haunt my dreams. It is a quest whose end I have thus failed to accomplish, whose completion I am determined to see through at all costs; a journey I would allow no entity short of godlihood to interrupt. This holy crusade to which my life has been dedicated is perhaps one not unfamiliar unto yourselves; I would imagine many denizens of the peaceful city of the grasses to know of the struggle whose grip I have not yet managed to escape. And so I come to you as a broken and humbled man, scarred by the ever-moving tides of time against my fruitless efforts in a mission where answers evade my gaze like the sparrow evades the assault of a bow.
    The quest to which I am referring is, of course, looking for a high I've had. I'm not looking for the specific strain I had, but rather any strain that produces similar traits in terms of high.
    Long ago, (2010), I came upon a strain whose high I could only describe as god-like. Allow me to hit you with some bullets:
    -Appearance-wise, the weed was extremely brown with purple(?) leaves, and enough crystals to put a gem miner into cardiac arrest.
    -High-wise, it was beyond cerebral, I felt as though the vicinity itself was high along with me. At one point I could see myself in third-person, I was looking down at myself  from a few feet above. Perhaps the weed was so powerful that my consciousness had to temporarily eject from my body to prevent itself from being obliterated by the sheer holiness of the marijuana's presence; that, or I was just stupid-high and hallucinated it (and frankly I'm not sure which of those scenarios I'd prefer.)
    -The main draw of the high for me was the "movie" effect, everything happening around me felt dramatically significant, as if every subject I focused on for at least 5 seconds was worthy of being made into an AAA movie starring the highest paid celebrities on the planet. This final quality is the one I most revered, and as such, its emulation I would put before all other aforementioned traits.
    Any suggestions to aide me in locating my white whale or a whale similar to it would be greatly appreciated. I live in california, the bay area, to be specific, if that information may be of any help. Godspeed, grassians.
    need ultra cerebral godfuck astral projection dramatic high, suggest strains pl0x

  2. This is the most beautiful thing i've ever read.
    I wish you luck on your quest, and if you do find the right strain please let me know.
  3. leafly or talk to local dispensry either way strain names are mostly bullshit look for quality growers
  4. My thanks, brother. I will send word by way of carrier pigeon the instant I have met success. If you have a cat, please keep it in doors, because they tend to kill the pigeons, and the pigeons are a hassle to train.
  5. Officially the best first post ever made

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