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in search of a 4 footer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THC101, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. i really want a 4 foot acrylic bong.. and ive looked at my local head shop, and ALL over on the net... does any one know of any where i could purchase a 4 footer?

    edit: how many CM's in an inch
  2. get a shorter one and put an extender on it
  3. ? where could i find these extensions?
  4. i've seen extenders on other head shops online. You'd have to search for them. And there are 30 centimeters in a foot, so you want a 120 cm bong.
  5. I have a 30'' extender on my 18'' glass. Thusly creating a 4 footer. I love it.
  6. thanks herb, ive been looking around and found a 4 footer at my local head shop, they just got in a shipment of like 10 of them, and i called and asked them to save a blue one for me, thanks for everyones help
  7. the biggest bong i've seen physically was an approximately 5 footer.. i had to go on my toes to see the bottom of it over the counter of a head shop here. ya i'm short.. pffft!!

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