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  1. This has been on my mind since I've heard and read about how the conscious is recycled upon death:

    Suppose the above is true, and that we move onto a higher frequency of conscious, and can choose when to be recycled onto the physical realm (earth), how do we explain the people born into famine and disease? If we are able to choose to be born, why would some choose to be born into said conditions?
  2. I don't understand why anyone would choose to leave the spiritual realm for any set of earthly circumstances.

  3. And that is my biggest concern when discussing the theory of "one" conscious.
  4. Supposedly we chose to come to earth to learn lessons and have experiences in a physical form. The physical form is the most challenging as there is pain, but through the pain there are great lessons that can only be learned in this physical way.

    We have specific things to experience and learn in our individual lifetime, but I think in the grand scheme of things, we go through so many lifetimes that eventually we all experience the same thing, everything. So maybe in one of your past lifetimes you were born in Africa and had to experience what famine is like. In another past life maybe you were super rich. I think in the end we all have to experience everything.

    I also think suffering and people born with diseases isn't necessarily for those people suffering to learn a lesson, but rather for others to learn from them. Like we could learn a lesson in compassion from the people starving in the streets.

    And this is kinda out there, but I recently heard a story about someone who got to see how things worked in the afterlife, and there he met an angel who was just completely so ecstatic because he found out he was going to come to earth as a mentally handicapped child.

  5. Maybe you're jesus?
  6. we've all been dead before birth...we're all going to be dead again. the consciousness isnt eternal.
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    A spirit more experienced, must be born in an environment compatible to its stage of development to continue to grow, others need to have embodied their initial experiences, even bad, to begin a process of development. That does not mean that were not good in other lives, often means they had no previous life. It would be up to society in better, to assist the less fortunate.
    In other words people who are actually carnated into famine/suffering they are either new infant souls starting their way up, learning what every other soul goes through. Or they were already at a bad frequency from their past life and were downgraded to a lesser condition to learn their lesson all over again.

    Heres a message(not from me):
    Everything is in tune with your aura, quantum speaking. If your aura is not good, your body will not be. Your mind controls an energy field around you. It's like a force field, may attract frequencies attuned to it, which can be good or bad. If you were born in a community that can give you the opportunity to develop is because your gene led you incarnate in that society. You can develop; park or regress depends only on you as a person. This is called freewill. What we call karma, is simply the load of your aura which will attract exactly what you're attuned to it. When it says, "like attracts like" is exactly what happens with your energy field. The smoke from burning oil bothers you, but the gentle smoke of incense you like. It's the difference between the dark aura, and aura of light. In other words, Karma is the direct result of the condition of your aura. You can have a good life in this incarnation to have been born in a golden cradle, but may regress to the point of no return to the next worse incarnation. Everything depends on you and your conscience in the context of universal coexistence, where it is for the most developed, to assist those while showing them the right direction to follow.

    You are your mind and your mind moves all that are released to interact with it... The mind is indestructible, the matter of the third dimension returns to dust. You know the saying "healthy mind in healthy body" well, that is what defines how you come into your next incarnation, if your mind is in trouble, you will come in a body with problems, since only physically spotting the problems you will find a way to overcome them and correct your faults. If you came up with a flawless body, your mind was good when it passed away last time. Many times you will consciously know that you will come in bodies with physical problems but knowing that only thus will correct major flaws earlier. You will learn to separate your mind from your body whenever you want to feel "yourself" because sometimes the physical body only hinders, at the basic level in a society where there are standards for appearance, height, color, race or social status.
  8. because its in our nature & desire to grow spiritually and this can only be done by evolving through the physical world eventually we will mature enough spiritually to not require the need to incarnate physically (which we will be as one). Namaste
  9. i think most believers of reincarnation also believe in karma, and that the conditions a person exist in are determined by their own past actions rather than direct choice. in the autobiography of a yogi, yogananda explains the notion that upon death your body, the physical sheath, dies, leaving you in the so-called astral world and in a astral/subtle body, which karma eventually draws back to the physical once your time in the astral is up. apparently there is also some causal body and causal realm beyond the astral, another sheath to transcend. but hell, i dont understand any of the "astral" or "causal" ideas lol.

    i dont know what to expect on death, if there is anything after reincarnation does intrigue me the most. it just seems that you could be born again the same way you did this time, or as voltaire remarked: "It wouldnt be anymore surprising to be born twice than once."

  10. There is a thing call karma which people in the west have a tendency to over simplify and outright falsify. The thing that keeps one from being able to stop reincarnating and that keeps you from being in Gnosis or Henosis where you are in a state of God consciousness. Henosis is obtained whenever all your karmas from all lives have been worked out, Gnosis is when the slice of karma you needed to work out in this life has been worked out. The thing that causes karma is attachment, karma can be translated as "desire" more than cause and effect, since cause and effect is simply the principle karma operates on and not really WHAT it is itself. This is why all Mystical schools of thought teach that you must become liberated from the sense desires, so that you are not bound by any external thing. While alive it is like walking through a pool, creating ripples and having ripples created in the past coming back to you, you must learn to move without creating any waves.

    The reason someone might choose to incarnate into, and the reason such places even exist, like Africa, is because by living a life of suffering you are working out much more of your karma than living a normal life. The key aspect of karma isn't necessarily "you did something bad and now something bad is going to happen to you", your chains can be made of gold instead of iron also, but rather that you have certain desires that need to be worked out and you will continue incarnating until they have all been worked out and no more are produced. You must come to realize through experience that happiness can't come from love, from wealth, from drugs, from good food etc. These are all fleeting things and you have to be in the right seat for them to cause "happiness" and so they aren't true happiness. A wedding may be a joyous occasion, but for the man who is secretly in love with the bride it is one of the most agonizing occasions in his life, a wedding doesn't "cause" happiness. Your love will eventually leave you, or you will bury them or they you, and so all those happy years will only culminate in suffering in the end.

    All of these things make the soul turn upwards in search of a lasting treasure, something that cannot be taken or lost, and it takes a lot of experience for this to finally occur.

    At the moment we are all at a state where we do not really have a "choice" of whether or not to incarnate, we are given choices of which life we would like to live depending on which experiences and astrology will help evolve us the most, but most couldn't just never incarnate again. Also, there are many who DO have that choice, however one is able to evolve the fastest while in a physical body and so they incarnate, and they also will do it to help liberate others because at that level one does begin to recognize all beings as one, it is called Agape in my tradition, selfless love for all sentient beings knowing we are all a projection of God. The seeming separateness of everything is all an illusion.
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    Um cause this is bullshit haha. you don't choose to be born it just happens. There is no higher sense of conscious, this sounds like a movie lol.
  12. Question: What is the nature of the mindstream that reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime?
    Dalai Lama: ...If one understands the term "soul" as a continuum of individuality from moment to moment, from lifetime to lifetime, then one can say that Buddhism also accepts a concept of soul; there is a kind of continuum of consciousness. From that point of view, the debate on whether or not there is a soul becomes strictly semantic. However, in the Buddhist doctrine of selflessness, or "no soul" theory, the understanding is that there is no eternal, unchanging, abiding, permanent self called "soul." That is what is being denied in Buddhism.
    Buddhism does not deny the continuum of consciousness. Because of this, we find some Tibetan scholars, such as the Sakya master Rendawa, who accept that there is such a thing as self or soul, the "kangsak ki dak" (Tib. gang zag gi bdag). However, the same word, the "kangsak ki dak," the self, or person, or personal self, or identity, is at the same time denied by many other scholars.
    We find diverse opinions, even among Buddhist scholars, as to what exactly the nature of self is, what exactly that thing or entity is that continues from one moment to the next moment, from one lifetime to the next lifetime. Some try to locate it within the aggregates, the composite of body and mind. Some explain it in terms of a designation based on the body and mind composite, and so on.... One of the divisions of [the "Mind-Only"] school maintains there is a special continuum of consciousness called alayavijnana which is the fundamental consciousness.
    ~Dalai Lama
  13. many choose to come here, but how many choose to stay?

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    It's not bullshit.

    Even science proves there are other dimensions, things left unseen. Those are the other levels of consciousness.

    Do a little research, you'll see how reasonable it really is.
  15. are you sure you know what 'other dimensions' actually are?
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    Do we have an absolute, undeniable, working definition of "dimension" that I am unaware of?
  17. the world is balanced, times are balanced... why is a newborn baby killed from natural causes? that would be a better question, denying them life. guess u cud refer to that chimpanzee fellow if ya wanted.
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    I hope that was sarcasm lol.

    I've studied a lot about consciousness, dimensions, and spirituality lately. So yes, I have a pretty good concept.
  19. The poor people have their problems. They have too little money.

    The rich people also have their problems. They have too much money.
  20. And they won't give it up so easily... which is exactly their problem.



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