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  1. What does everyone think about the long awaited radiohead album in rainbows being released tomorrow?

    I have waited long enough and finally it is being released. I have listened to them religously over the past 5 years and it still sounds amazing to me. The 7th extention to an amazing array of music they have already created. in rainbows also includes some re done versions of some otherwise trashed radiohead b sides. And the new album is only avaiable at one place right now. but u already know that.. :bongin:
  2. Radiohead is one of the best "rock" bands out there, i'm excited about the new album.
  3. can't wait

    they won me over at bonnaroo 2006
  4. I have the album, and what I've heard so far sounds amazing.
  5. I just got it. I'm diggin' it so far...
  6. Radiohead is to rock, as Rodin was to sculpture...perfection realized. I can't wait to hear it.
  7. dudeee, has everyone but me received the promised morning confirmation e-mail? arghhh, WTF. i have a 3 hour window i wanna get high and listen to the new album with, but that shit's closingg.

    i want my money back!
    ohh wait, yea haha...i didnt pay anything
    but still, mengg.
  8. i like it a lot. not as much as ok computer or the bends yet though... maybe it will take a few more listens
  9. I'm on the third listen of the day, and it just keeps getting better and better. Listening to it the 2nd time stoned was awesome.

    Quoting something I said earlier about the band:

  10. The new album proves radioheads degree of perfection and their experimental side. They never fail to meticulously nail every song. I agree that its experimental bliss is not that of ok computer or the bends, but has a little of kid a somewhere in it. They hold the songs down perfectly, and can someone please agree that there is nothing better than radiohead high... and this album blows my fucking mind each time ive listened to it high.. ridiculous. words cannot explain.

  11. Very true. Hey, when did Kurt cover a Radiohead tune?
  12. never really got into radiohead before now after hearing about the album. so far its perfection, really changes the way music sounds and how its distributed
  13. My ex boyfriend introduced me to Radiohead... I cant listen to their old albums without feeling nostalgic about our relationship. It really is amazing how music and your sense of smell can bring back feelings. They used to be my favorite band *EVER* until recently...I'm really happy about in rainbows though, I can listen to them "freely" now without being reminded of past loves. The lyrics are so easy to relate to... Thom is amazing. The concept of paying what you think the album is worth is such a great idea, I wouldnt doubt there are fans out there who have enough money to gladly throw them 1 or 2k for in rainbows. They truly deserve it.

  14. I don't believe he has, but his harmony and melodies are very similar to a lot of Radiohead. It's a mutual sharing I suppose.

  15. Agreed, I just wasn't sure if you saw him do a cover live or something. I've got all his cd's plus the unreleased one and a bunch of live bootlegs and would LOVE to add a radiohead cover, but i'll have to wait.
  16. ive listened to it maybe twice now, not in depth, just in the background at a friends place, but man, they have some great stuff going on in the album. i didnt really think it was gonna be that good, btu the opening track just got my thinking totlally turned around. oim gonna D/L the album later this week probably. i need time to sit and take it all in.
  17. sooooooooo fuckin amazing! for the past few days now, i could not put it down. the sounds are minimal and spirtual, quiet n meditative yet loud. Their album release timing is amazing also, this will definately be my autumn/winter soundtrack. I just finished listening to it again. Everytime i put it on i just crawl up into a corner and completely cover my body and listen to it in pitch darkness. I think im even gonna put it on again right now.

    Anyways..anyone that doesnt have this album, please get it. There is no reason for you not to have this album! Support Radiohead and their bold move away from the record industry.

    p.s.- if i was rich id give radiohead 100,000 dollars just for the fuck of it, to show them what theyre doing for their fans is amazing and their music really is priceless.
  18. Good album. as many already mentioned, gets better the more you listen.
    It's my first post in this forum, so :wave: to all the RH fans...
  19. I just d/l it. Simply awesome. They have such a unique sound, I love it.
  20. This CD is definitely amazing.

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