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In public hiding weed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Proud2Smoke, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. hey guys, just to start off, THIS IS NOT A TROLL THREAD. Semi long read sorry.

    Anyway, in a couple of days, im going to be heading down to australia (where i grew up) for new years. Now i know they have a fantastic fireworks show at the sydney harbour bridge, and i have a few people who can hook me up down there. I plan to be on many unmentionables, hence why i would like some weed for the comedown.

    My question is, a few of my friends say there might be sniffer dogs at train stations and stuff (will be catching trains to and from the city). Problem is im staying with people who are anti-weed, as with a lot of my friends parents, so we will probably end up smoking somewhere relatively secluded but public nonetheless. I dont want to stash my shit somewhere then end up forgetting/losing it.

    For one, im starting to think that, because they are a lot of people in that area, would the dog be able to pinpoint exactly who has the weed? Also, it is new years eve, they probably already know everyone is up to no good, would they even bother?

    I have a few ideas on how to carry it around with me, but id like some opinions/ideas from grasscity. Would pre grinding it and storing it in my sock be enough? (ill also have bag so if stopped they would search that, probably not my shoes). Another idea is emptying a deodorant can and putting it in that (casually state if searched i have a this this and a deodorant can [probably wont think twice about it]). My last idea, is strapping it under my scrotum, or inbetween my ass cheeks, and ABSOLUTE WORST CASE shafting it up my pooper.

    Do you guys think this will work? Why/why not?

    tl;dr want to carry my bud with me in crowded city with possibility of sniffer dogs and dont want to get caught.

  2. ^this. then nobody will ask you for any
  3. My friend says the best way to hide shit is wear something with draw strings and tie your weed to them and tuck them inside your pants, because the cops can't take your pants off or pat down your dick area.
  4. Beating those dogs is all luck... if you don't enjoy having men finger your bum hole i wouldn't recommend hiding it in there because the last thing you want is a drug dog sniffing ur ass telling his cop buddy that theres something in there that shouldn't be

    you have two choices... roll it put it in a pack of smokes and show up right before the train leaves and if worst comes to worst the cop would find it and make you throw it away as i cant imagine any cop going out of there way to get you in trouble over a joint especially on new years

    your second choice is to say fuck it and not bring it... :)
  5. I live in Sydney.
    There will be more of a Police presence at train stations towards the city on NYE. You could avoid this problem by catching a bus, I've never seen a cop bring a dog on a bus.

    The area yourself that you're probably going to will be crowded as all yeah you could probably burn up and have not much of a chance at all in being caught by the time you were done, hell, you can usually barely move in the waves of people there.
    However, they will probably have strategically placed cops with dogs at access points into these places - they actually section off huge areas.
    So you'll have to either
    a: Not go into those places
    b: slip through.

    If you're trying to get past I suggest pre-rolling, zip-locking, scented garbage-bagging that, then washing your hands and ziplocking again.
    That *might* get you through.
    You could also put that package on the bottom of a food container/package or something.
    I don't want to fuck up your night, but I will say I've seen the dogs here fail at less packaging than that - however, I believe it's luck of the draw to an extent.
  6. #6 Proud2Smoke, Dec 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 25, 2012
    that is along the lines what im thinking, strapping it under my balls so if a dog does sniff me out ill be really cooperative and empty my bag empty my pockets sort of in a "i dont know what your talking about ill do anything to convince you short of getting butt naked in the middle of the god damn city"

    yea im not a fan of joints and we intend to be smoking bongs later in the night (or more like the morning).

    as i said before im not a fan of joints, i was going to have it all pre grinded so when we get back to our final destination i can just pack bong hits. Would they really be able to know its me, and even then if its taped under my balls or stuffed in my sock, and i let them search my bag and pockets, would that be enough to convince the handler im not carrying?

    thanks in advance. Im leaning toward stashing it somewhere close to where we will be smoking, but i dont want to be stressing about it the whole night.

    edit - fail as in not pick up the scent? or get someone busted?
  7. Wow, I've never gone into a city for New Year's Eve. I wonder if the insane security happens everywhere.

    That said, maybe buy/make edibles? They'll last way longer (just eat it before you head out) and are a bit more discreet than a pipe and baggie.

  8. yeah i want to smoke because smoking during the comedown pretty much makes it 50x better (in terms of scat/hangover). I realise its my choices that are putting me in this position in the first place but im pretty set on that.

    I wont be carrying a pipe, as my friends are stashing the bong somewhere we will return to (not mine, so im not REALLY that concerned, worst comes to worst we can DIY one).

    I know im not going to be able to hide it from the dogs, my main objective is if i get sniffed out, to trick the handler into thinking i dont have bud (being cooperative letting him search my bag and pockets etc..)

    Another idea i just have, is to put the baggie (because it will be grinded it will flatten easily) between my iphone and its case. What do you guys reckon on that?
  9. thanks for the help guys, however i managed to find a friends place we can smoke at! So im just going to leave my shit at the house for the night until we get back.

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