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Discussion in 'General' started by rumandromanism, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. I just saw this documentary today; I thought it was AMAZING. Here's a website's review of it:

    Has anyone seen this?
  2. Yes, brilliant movie to support the re-legalization of medicinal marijuana. Shows all sides of the medicinal argument in a very fair and truthful manner. Good stuff.

    It's a start for things in this country.
  3. Yep, I have it on my laptop. I really enjoy the film and it was well balanced with the arguments (well maybe a little more towards marijuana but, it should be anyways)

    I forget what site i read about the movie, but there were 5 or 6 people saying how it was an immoral film, how it portrayed a very evil drug to be alright :rolleyes:

    But anyways, Two Thumbs Up [​IMG]
  4. it was on tv about a month ago, i have it recorded. but the guy whose parents were killed on him was smoking his med-j's while driving. that doesnt seem safe.
  5. That was the dude who smoked his bubbler out by the ocean. The guy who was smoking while driving was the guy who got federal weed and he is legally allowed to smoke where ever he wants

    ....atleast i think.... ill watch the movie again sometime tomorrow
  6. I love this documentary. I've seen the Fed. MJ patient on TV many-a-time, esp. Montel.
  7. You're getting things confused. It was the Federal Marijuana patient with tumors protuding out towards his skin who was smoking in the car...he NEEDED to smoke 10-13 joints a day. He gets 300 joints every 25 days, however he needs it. The condition must be so painful; I can't even imagine that pain.

    Damn, I love vaporizers. I just vaped .05 of some Jack Herer x Haze, and I'm astro traveling :hippie:
  8. This movie inspired me to start smoking.
    They teach you the wrong information in school and as a whole in our society today about mary jane.
  9. Balls. I thought this was a link to the actual movie!
  10. Anyone know when Showtime will be playing this again?
  11. if ya get the chance to see it, most def take that chance. I saw this a good while ago but its a good documentary. The lady that stutters tripped me the fuck out
  12. damn i dont got showtime
  13. same here..anyone got a link for it?
  14. I have it on my pc in high def.

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