"In Pot We Trust" Documentary Vid. Link

Discussion in 'General' started by Romain, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. thanks so much man! ive been waiting for this. +rep for the find.

    *edit* guess i already repped you recently? it says i need to spread some around before i give it to you again.
  2. I feel connected to this movie before even watching it..
    *Glances over at his avatar*
    Oh yeah.
  3. This was available "On Demand" through my cable station for a while. Good movie, really surprised me how much marijuana helped that one girl speak.
  4. Thanks for finding this.

    I'm waiting for it to load now.
  5. saw this awhile ago and def recomend it. If you watch it, spark up some bowls if possible
  6. Yea this thing came on showtime or somthing a while back, good stuff. Really shows how medical helps people with diseases besides cancer. Watch for the girl with the speaking disorder before and then after she smokes a bowl. The change is like immediate
  7. Amazing.

    Thanks :)

  8. saw it on tv like 3 months ago. great documentary i love it really shines a good light on our cause.
  9. nice, thanks for the post!
  10. Yeah it's deep. Anybody who has the nerve and arrogance to tell her to not smoke pot should be shot..doing her best to raise her 4 kids with such debilitation
  11. Thanks man, Watching it now, So far its great +rep :smoke:
  12. hey man thanks for that, that was awesome!
    why are the dea and those congress men and women so stupid? ..I don't get it, these are intelligent people??? :confused:
  13. Great movie.

    It is sad to see these people not being able to live without the fear of DEA busting down their doors while medicating. Also living which such terrible conditions and being denied access to medicine.
  14. Ya very nice documentary. There are tons of others just like it at my website.

  15. i saw this documentary on showtime a couple months ago and loved it it was amazing
    i feel so bad for the people who need this medicine but cant get it due to their state laws, it sucks hard
    some of the congressmen are such assholes
    one day people will be helped immensely by cannabis and they wont have to suffer due to their horrible diseases
  16. hell yeah. watching it right now.
  17. Wow. That was amazing. I highly recommend it.

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