in peace

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  1. another poem for your reading pleasure (or displeasure... could go either way)

    --In Peace

    As young children often do,
    I had no cares for things such as time.
    There was nothing more important
    than the present moment.
    In that presence I smiled,
    I laughed,
    I cried,
    I was at peace.

    When the entire world worried about
    where to go,
    How fast they could get there,
    I took my time and learned new steps.
    In that time I grew,
    I crawled,
    I stumbled,
    I was still at peace.

    All the people are busy,
    being politically correct,
    Creating the modern world we are in,
    I produce thought.
    In those thoughts I dream,
    I am ambitious,
    I am courageous,
    I am at peace.

  2. awww! i had so many witty remarks to go with that too! but i guess i could just use a general overstatement.

    my belief is life is never ending until we chose to stop coming back. and, when we do come back, we are so inclined to search for those who we have and can grow with more and more.

    peace zone, a good friend i believe to have found!


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