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    So i've been in nyc for 28 or so hours now. Staying untill wednesday morning of next week.

    Day one

    Spent most of my day in midtown. i saw an amazing show on broadway, "Thirty Nine Steps". It was very funny, a spoof on the old movie. Very entertaining its four actors taking on the roles of around ten characters, switching back and fourth constantly. If any of you get the chance to see it i highly suggest it.

    For lunch i ate at this great restaurant, "Maxies". They are very famous for their cheese cake, which i did not wind up getting. They have these one pund sandwhiches, fucking mind blowing. Huge portions for an okay price, considering the crazy prices in nyc.

    For dinner i ate at this very famous Japanese restaurant on Long Island, i completly forget what the hell the place was called. Its in nassau county, Roslyn is the town. Amazing sushi.

    Brought some greens with me, so i dont have to worry about finding any. Just finished a few bowls as a matter of fact.

    anyways just thought i'd share my first day hear.

    ill update you guys on what i do tomorrow. any suggestions?

    Day two

    So today i slept in untill eleven, got breakfast at the Brooklyn diner. It was pretty good nothing spectacular.

    After that i got a cab and went to Greenwich Village. I went to both places zyphus suggested. Those shops were really impressive. I wound up just getting some papers from the Blue Nile though didnt feel like walking around with glass, i may get a bowl or something tomorrow.

    So now im just sitting in my hotel room, just finished a joint, waiting for my family to pick me up. Going to Long Island where they live. Going shopping at the Walt Wittman? mall theyre gonna buy me some shit which is always nice. Having dinner at the Mediterranean Snack Bar pretty excited.

    I really forgot how much i love it here.

    update tomorromw

    Day three

    well today i went for a morning jog in greenwich. very interesting architecture, but same goes for the whole city.

    went back to my room and smoked a joint. then i headed over to roslyn. my family and i drove to long beach, ate at jeremys crab shack. it was really good, we walked on the beach for a while as well.

    then just headed back to the city. the sun wares me the fuck out so im dead tired...

    im gonna get off here.

    update tomorrow.

  2. Head south, and check out lower manhattan. SoHo area is great (where I lived this summer) lots of cool stores/art galleries. central park is always cool. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is pretty tight too.
  3. yeah i heard soho was pretty legit.

    whats the party of nyc called where its a shit load of tattoo parlors, kind of an odd, more progressive, i dont really know how to describe it, passed it in a store had a tv pointed out of the window, and some wierd ass porn was on it haha.

    i love the city though, i really do. i always seem to forget how much i really love it. so much diversity.
  4. Go to Greenwich Village (tattoo parlors)

    The Smoking Shop - 45 Christopher St.
    Blue Nile - 324 Bleecker St.

    If you don't feel too sketched out about coppin && you know how to do it, Washington Heights is famous for their haze, best dank in the city.

    Have fun.
  5. Thanks alot, that will help me out.

    I'm pretty nervous about trying to get some green, just because of some previous trouble i've been in.

    Ill definitly make it a point to visit those shops though, just wrote down the adresses.
  6. Just go downtown or uptown (if you're feeling adventurous). There's a lot of cool shit in the East and West Villages, so just get down there and you'll find yourself a good time. Midtown pretty much sucks, I can't stand the congestion and annoying tourists who don't know how to walk correctly.

  7. Yeah you can always tell the tourists by how they cross the street.
  8. Hey im from NYC, Let me know what you want to do and ill let you know whats good. Nothing better than a New Yorker telling you were the hot spots are. =P
  9. go to the village,
    take the 1 downtown to Christopher, thats a pretty gay area but there are tons of headshops and stuff

    or you can come back to nassua county and puff :)

  10. Oh shit. Where are you located, my familys in roslyn, near the oysterbay metro stop.
  11. haha yeah id hate people like me if i lived in the city.
  12. haha i'd be one of them. its fucking crazy in time square right at five, holy shit. ive never seen so much people stuffed on a side walk. barely room to move your legs.
  13. Times Square is nuts, its like every fucking tourist in the world, i pretend to act crazy when im there and people take pics of me lol. Dude if you want to have some real NYC fun check out the Bars in Williamsburg, and in Queens, go to Bayside Bell Blvd, or Astoria in Steinway St. Li is cool to But its madd far and hard to get out there, well not hard just transportation is ruff out there like when you get off the LIRR

  14. Just think of it like driving...pass the slow people on the left hand side, and don't forget about the good ol' road rage! Give dirty looks if people stop in the middle of the sidewalk or walk too slow.

    Gotta love the residential area around Greenwich St. by the Hudson pretty :eek:
  15. sounds like a plan
  16. haha i could never drive in the city
  17. Madd sexy girls, let me know what went down lol.
  18. When you drive the city, you drive the world, and thats how i drive lol. Come here to learn to drive.
  19. Driving in the city is a completely different animal. You gotta be agressive if you want to get where you're going...taxis, buses, Jersey drivers: we got em all. Driving after smoking a fresh joint is always a plus, it mellows me out and allows me to enter the world of NYC driving.
  20. i'm about to get my liscence (been driving for a few years anyways) and fuck driving in the city. get too angry at people and i'd mess up my high. i'll just stick to driving in queens, bklyn and bx (and other states)

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