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In need of weed

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Matt220, Sep 19, 2002.


Anyone from North carolina

  1. weed

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  2. hookup

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  1. Hey all I just moved into the Raleigh area from Nebraska about 3 weeks ago and havin alot of trouble findin tha hookup. If anyone is around the area that can hook it up please E-mail Me at
    Going through serious withdrawl.
  2. NC has a special place in my heart since that\'s where my friend brings my weed in from. Hope you find yourself a hook-up soon. I know how awful it is to not have any when you are used to having it all the time. Good luck!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks Flower child I hope I find something soon also
  4. another for hook-up??

    does it stand for DEA?

    Well good luck
  5. This thread is closed, no dealing allowed on this board!


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