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In Need Of Support/ideas

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by okiuisdgf, May 21, 2013.

  1. I realllllly need to take a tolerance break.... never taken one out of almost 4 years of tokin' now, and my tolerance is shot. I've noticed that even a day or so brings up your tolerance a little, but it's deffinatly noticable! 
    right now I have 2.5 G's of some Purple Kush.. a bowl or so (which usually gets me blazed) is barely effecting me. so I think I want to stop until Friday when I get my next paycheck (4 days), so I can get more and have a nice session. so, what are some ways that I can get through this without wiggin' out? I use Jane as  my medication for my OCD, ADHD, bi-polar and a bunch more... what are some methods you guys use to get you through YOUR t-break? thanks dudes.

  2. I just stop, no real technique just accept that weed is not something that will be in my life for a while. I have depression and anxiety that I was forced to learn to deal with without weed when I got sentenced to 9 months probation after a DUI; and the only advice I can give is to believe in your brain. Your brain is so incredibly powerful that it can alter water molecules! Our bodies are largely made up of water! what does this mean? It means the brain can stomp a hindering mindset like one of marijuana dependence to pieces in mere seconds!
    ....if you allow it to. 
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    Just stop. It's that simple. Exercise when you want to smoke. Don't be that guy that NEEDS to be high. Unless you're an MMJ patient of course.
  4. Like other people have said if you just stop and think about it the right way it wont be hard. I took my first t-break not too long ago and was surprised at the lack of cravings to smoke, I think it was because I tried to occupy most of my time and going into it i just told myself there's no way your gonna smoke these days so don't even think about it, just try and be turned off by the thought of smoking weed because it will ruin your t-break.
    works well for me but of course everyone is different
  5. Yea unless you have like a serious medical condition like multiple sclerosis or something it is pretty easy to just stop. You'll probably lose your appetite and have trouble sleeping though if you usually toke before you eat or sleep. For sleep, I suggest melatonin. 
  6. Find a friend you can trust that doesn't smoke and give what you have to him. In my opinion you should try and wait more than four days, if you can go seven days the brake will be much more effective and you can smoke longer without needing another break.

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