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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by hbg_please, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. hey every body. ive been on probation for about 5 months and finally getting off at the end of the month! im looking to treat myself to something to something nice for the occasion and im thinking a new tube! ive been looking around and doing a bit of research. right now ive got it narrowed down to two companies im liking, sheldon black and hi si. id love to hear some opinions and if you have another company to look at id be happy to check them out. my price range is about up too 250.
  2. It's already in you name man. HBG the new bongs they've been making are the shit. My latest buy was a 17 inch straight tube with an 8 arm perc and splash guard. Only paid $120 for it too.
  3. Woah for under $250 shipped you can get a Syn showercap tube from ALT. google the syn tubes. Google " syn 45mm beaker " just to find the site then go from there.

    Can't post links on the open forums to competition.

    You can get a REALLY nice piece for $250, don't go cheap, and don't get ripped off on a nice piece either! Good luck.

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