In need of some guidance, deciding on a new piece.

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  1. Alrighty, so I am wanting to buy my first bong:smoke:

    So I looked around on GC and saw one that I really, REALLY liked: :D

    Now here is where I have some questions.

    Is it safe to order a bong online and have shipped to the States?
    Will Customs make a big deal about it?
    Should I order it with something from the legal highs?
    Would it be better just to look around Flee Markets?

  2. Yes



  3. dont get this bong. i had it but the beaker was bigger and it was ng instead of flaming faggot skull shit. 5mm or 4mm at the top but the beaker was like 3 mm. dome percs are crap. lol never get dome percs. for 85 bucks id get this...
    quality, thick all around, clear's fast, same price. better brand.

    or if you want a less harsh hit.
  4. I would honestly go to a LHS and see what they have to offer. You can get some pretty nice pieces for around $100

    Make sure you look around at $150 pieces if you do go. Try and haggle with them and I'm sure you could get it down to $100 ;)

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