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    I have a 4.5ft X 6.5ft (hight7ft) room I'm starting to grow, I have sealed it air tight I'm planning on having 10 baby's in there in 5gal buckets got a 4" duct fan with carbon filter also some 2 small fans with a portable a/c / humidifier unit..... Wanted some info or anything around how much space should I have them apart or if I'll need an extra 400w kit for lighting? How far apart should the light be from the plants from veg to bloom? Anything you guys would add or change? Would be very helpful.....
  2. Well I know guys that would easily run two 600 watt MH's in that size room

    I'm sure someone here is going to say two 600's is not enough you need two 1000 MH's :D:D:D

    What light and hood do you have?

    I like closed systems (where your hoods are sealed) because
    1) you can control the room temp much easier
    2) you can get the hood a bit closer to the plant

    Can you get air from outside and vent out side if needed?

    I am getting ready to start a small grow in a sealed system, my room temp only went up 5 F after running the 600 watt hood for 10 hours (with no room vent yet, just runing air through the hood

    Here is a picture of my hood : <-- POST #75

    Don't Worry Man.... Everyone cares here :gc_rocks:
  3. i would definetly get another light if you got the extra cash but it sounds like you are off to a great start good luck with your grow homie.
  4. I have a open hood would you guys recommend me getting another 600w and switching to closed hoods? I've heard that open hoods don't give all the energy that it suppose give what your guys thought?
  5. I think you mean a closed light does not give off as much, Yes that is true, I was told about 8%

    BUT I was also told the 8% does not matter because you can get the closed light closer to the plant

    I can tell you this, I am VERY Happy I got the closed light, it allows me to control the room temp without the light affecting it AT ALL :):)

    Did you look at the picture I told you about??

    Later :wave::wave::wave:
  6. You don't loose much but you gain a ton of control in your grow room good trade off IMO

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  7. Ha ha yea thats what I mean a closed hood.... Yea I checked them out I went to the closest hydroponic store showed them the pic he had something similar just different brand but he switched me the open hood for a closed one also bought a circuit breaker just for safety if I ever plan on going bigger... So you guys would agree on second lighting 600w It won't harm the 10 baby's? Great info man! Thanks!
  8. I would homie that's a 1k total for ten plants I think that works out pretty good. and light cant hurt the plant just the heat caused by the lights.
  9. Did the one he gave you have a tempered glass panel? (What is the brand and model)

    And you can link the air duct between the two lights !!

    The one made by Hydrofarm does not "leak" air at all (been told some do)

    You can get them for $99
    Hydrofarm Radiant 6" Air Cooled Reflector RD6AC (201551-1) = $99.90
    Hydrofarm Radiant Air Cool Reflector 6" RD6AC - Plantlighting Hydroponics

    AND I got a
    Phantom 600W 120/240 Dimmable Digital Ballast (201862) = $139.90

    Phantom 600W 120/240 Dimmable Digital Ballast - Plantlighting Hydroponics

    They were the cheapest (even with shipping) VERY Fast too

    Hope This Helps
  10. It says htg supply on it I grabbed two of them with the ballast and timer and hps and mh bulbs 1000w how far you guys recommend the length from the light to the baby's should be and normal light periods during the day?
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    Put your hand under the light. If it's too hot for the back of your hand, it's too hot for the plants. Also, during veg your light schedule should be 18hrs on 6hrs off. Some people do 24hrs of light but it will waste more electricity and there's no proof 24hrs is better. When you want to flower the plants, go 12hrs on and 12hrs off of uninterrupted darkness.

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