In need of series suggestions!

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    I need a new serie to watch. Here are some of the ones I like if it can help you out :) :

    The office
    Its always sunny in philly
    the big bang theory
    Party down
    Breaking Bad
    Traffic light
    30 rock

    Thats all I can think of now

    edit: tought of some more I liked:
  2. sons of anarchy...the wire
  3. Curb your enthusiasm
  4. get the wire. lose your life.
  5. The Wire is The Best series I've ever watched

    I also like Highlander and The Sopranos
  6. dead like me is awesome
  7. < there's my suggestion. it's a little slow-paced to begin with but you will get hooked on it quickly.
  8. :smoking: weeds Simpson Family guy American Dad Bob burgers :smoking:
  9. or bio channel ghost stories shows
  10. Parks and Rec, its pretty funny.
    has some funny actors in it too.
  11. George lopez
  12. Yo, I have watched like all those series. You would like the show "Workaholics" as well.
  13. Well first off, stop watching Big Bang Theory. That's literally the worst show ever. And after you do that, start watching Boardwalk Empire.

  14. I downloaded the first season and started watching it. Its ok I guess, I dont find it that funny, maybe it will grow on me lol

    I ansolutly forgot about this how :p I do love it, cant wait for next season

    I think its funny, everyone has a different sense of humour
  15. eastbound and down, bored to death, game of thrones, justified, the league, californication, the shield

    already mentioned : the wire, sopranos, curb your enthusiasm
  16. [ame=]Trailer Park Boys - The Water Bong Is So Smooth - YouTube[/ame]

    Trailer Park Boys!! Best Canada show ever, possibly best show ever!!!
  17. Last 1 i promise...

    [ame=]Jim Lahey - The best drunk scenes (Trailer Park Boys) - YouTube[/ame]
  18. Here's a few that haven't been mentioned:
    parks and rec (the 2nd season is a lot better than the 1st, continue watching it)
    that 70's show
    nurse jackie
    united states of tara
    true blood
    how i met your mother
    happy endings
    modern family

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