In need of quiet carbon filter + Fan

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  1. Hey guys been sometime since I made a post.

    I will be moving into a new apartment this winter and will be use either a grow tent(4x4x6.5) or clost for my grow.

    400w HPS, 4 plants in 3gal growbag and all the good stuff. Just looking to get about 3oz per plant max. Just for me so I can cut the dealer out. Anyway

    I will be moving with my girl and she wants me to find a quiet carbon filter+fan. I can spend 200.00 and no more. I also would have to be able to use it in the grow tent or closet. I'm not sure which i'm going to be use yet.

    Anyhelp will be great.

    Thank you so much
  2. You and me both! LOL I only do quick grows though (11 weeks from sprout to the chop) and am happy with over 1oz per plant.

    You might want to consider an "ONA Machine". It's somewhere in my ww journal
  3. Active Air Inline Duct Fans - Plantlighting Hydroponics & Grow Lights

    This is the cheapest, good fan that I have found. Best price around, and they're a legit site. Ordered from them a few times with no problems. But, if you want quiet, I would get the six inch, and a controller to turn it down. Oversizing them is the best way to keep them quiet.

    As far as the filter, look around that site. The problem with filters is, they're heavy, and will get you on shipping. Honestly, $200 is pretty tight for both a fan and filter, at least for a decent one.
  4. If you dont mind not getting name brand stuff theres always Ebay.

    6" (UL) INLINE FAN CARBON FILTER COMBO ODOR CONTROL - eBay (item 390209247112 end time Jun-16-10 17:14:37 PDT)

    4" (UL) INLINE FAN CARBON FILTER COMBO ODOR CONTROL - eBay (item 390208991281 end time Jun-16-10 09:08:50 PDT)
  5. I can spend a lil more then 200$ if I have to. I don't want the smell to leak out and have the old lady donw the hall call the cops you know. The light and the carbon filter are the hight on my list next to seeds and soil.

    Any links you can give me I will look at them

    thanks agine.
  6. From what I read online the fans arent that quiet but I`ve seen some pictures I think where the fans were installed in custom built wooden boxes to muffle the sound. I got a 6" Eco Plus fan and it is loud but I live in a house where 15 feet away outside the grow room you cant really even hear it.
  7. I will use something like in the link for the out side out the growroom. Have you guys tryed any of the FOOTHILL carbon filters.

    How loud can a inline fan get. I guess I can get a 6" inline fan w/controller and get a small carbon filter.

    Anywayz thanks for all the help guys.
  8. A lot of the complaints about "noise" is not from the fan, but the vibration it transfers to the structure or whatever it is mounted on.

    I suspend my inline Vortex by canvas straps and have it on a speed control also.

    Runs 24/7 (for the last three years!) and no one can hear it.

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