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  1. I'll spare you the life story and give you the summery.
    I have spent most of my days working my fingers to the bone from a very young age. I have lived in DC all the way to NC and MD now back in NC. I moved to help my mother get herself back on her feet but. She does nothing to get their (she is the stereotypical stoner). She doesn't move from her growth that looks like a couch unless she's hungry, and she can't function without weed in her lungs though it's not like she functions then either.
    I myself am a smoker but i've stopped because their is no money saved or money coming in. I have no car anymore (that's a whole other story involving bad choices and lazy girlfriends). I have walked all the way across town leaving a resume and application trail, I pester, bug, show up, and push employer's for a interview, they put me off for months at a time. 
    I am a hard worker with a resume to prove it, I love to smoke but when times are hard, I know its time to work. I've been working odd jobs to keep me and my mother fed but it only goes so far when bills are due.
    I need help, advice on how to start bringing in money with limited resources, or a Job if your operating in the Greensboro, NC area. I'll go through the process I am not looking for special treatment. Their is very few dependable people in my life, and even they may not be able to do anything for weeks at a time. I ask for work, not money. If you have a place I can lay my head and get to work I'll pay rent when I have the income.
    I have no friends in my current area of living, and I am completely out of idea's. The last thing i wanted to do was be a buzz kill and post this but what else can i do?
    Everyone tells me to join the military or find work or brain fart all over me. I'm 24, able bodied an no nonsense type of worker, I love the troops but I don't want to become one unless I absolutely have to ( this includes a national crisis erupting because i'll be dammed if I don't fight for the home shores). Mellow cool calm and collected on my down time. To be honest, I consider myself a true stoner. Ready to work when its time to work, able to relax when the work is done, just want to have a good time and make decent money. If you guys have any ideas that can help me I would truly appreciate it.

  2. D: Sorry, wish I was in the area to help you, but I'm not. I hope things get better for you. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
  3. waaaaaaaaay ahead of you lol, I am preparing my mind for the physical and phycological change of military lifestyle as best i can... I fear its the only real option i have.
  4. Sorry man ): wish I had some real advice for you, but I hope your able to find other options!
  5. It's all good, showing you care brings some small hope to me after all, thanks.

    Currently were I'm starring to work. Amazing income. Too unreal and all you do is talk to people; )
  7. Air Force or Navy.  Hell, go see the world and get paid to do it.  Stay away from the Marines and the Army, they do way too much fighting and dying.  And before anyone jumps my ass, this is coming a disabled Army vet.
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    I'll check this out, thanks zairo, and i'll start looking more into the navy Vir... I have to be honest though, I only have my G.E.D and the last thing i was told about the air force is you need a Diploma to even get in the door. I'll check it out though, I'd love to be an engineer working on fighter jets or something... shit my pants if i had to fly it though lol.
  9. I wish i could help ya man i'm in the same spot. I've applied everywhere in town but half of the places i went to didn't even give me an application. :/
  10. Yea, I'd rather build a business, but with every factor i have worked over and over it requires me to have transportation and money to start off with. I've even tried to qualify for a loan... to no avail.

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