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Discussion in 'General' started by Zidave, May 25, 2006.

  1. So I downloaded oblivion and am playing right now but I picked up to much stuff and can't move. I can't figure out how to throw stuff away. What's the command? I'm on PC
  2. I play alot of massive online RPGs try picking up the items you dont want and click somewhere in the screen where the the game not any windows it should drop it or distroy it I havent played that game but i've played EQ WoW Silkroad and shit and its the same for each one
  3. hahaha i got this game so i got you, hold shift and click an item and it will drop it on the floor in front of you it wont magically get deleted

    also for hotkey's just hold down numbers like 1 or 2 and click sword or whatever u want it to be like
  4. How did you download it? Torrent?
  5. Yup...took about 2 days and it's 4.5gb....max speed was about 95kbps

    Oh yea I figured it out....just dragged it up very slowly and he'll drop em.
  6. mininova (org)
    bi-torrent (com)
    isohunt (com)


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